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Posted in Artist Profiles, Artists    //    Post Date - March 19, 2014

Local drummer extraordinaire Gerry Pantazis tells us about his drum world. What’s your regular kit set up? My regular kit set up is a DW Collectors…20×18 Bass Drum, 10×8 and 12×8,Toms, 14×14 Floor Tom, and sometimes I add a 16×14 Floor Tom,14×6 maple snare drum Is it the same for…

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Posted in Artist Profiles, Artists    //    Post Date - February 11, 2014

From the studio to the stage, Nat Allison delivers a pitch-perfect scream, strut antics and evil guitar showboat. A high energy, guitar heavy performance with tough lyrics, powerful vocals and guitar solos to match. To date Nat has played some 5000 gigs, including festivals and opening for big names such…

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