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Moni Lashes is the drummer, stick spinner and songwriter for hard rock band, The Babes. She has also carved out a great niche side project with her fabulous drum clinics, which she has presented in both the USA and Japan.

However, an achievement closest to her heart was that she became the first human to play drums non-stop without a single break for 24 hours! She set this new world record in Adelaide to help raise funds for her father’s medical treatment, which was a success!

The Hard Rock Cafe in Japan named a drink after Moni for her World Record Achievement, and named it the “Moni Lashes Mean Margarita”.

Her band The Babes have been on MTV and performed consistently internationally, touring Australia, the U.S.A, Japan twice, and were even deployed to Iraq to perform for the American and Australian troops in the warzone!

The Babes were support act for Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), Ace Frehley (KISS), Girlschool, Cherie Currie (Runaways), Iron Maidens, LA Guns and many more!

Aside from touring, Moni is a recording studio owner and professional drum tutor, and as we said earlier holds successful drum clinic tours throughout Australia, the U.S and most recently in Japan. She is currently endorsed by Pearl Drums, Promark Sticks and Evans Drumheads.

Moni has been featured in many international magazines, and T.V segments, namely Drummer Magazine, Drumscene Magazine, Tomtom Magazine, and Las Vegas Morning Break prime time TV. She has also won awards in Australia being named the Public’s Choice for “Drummer of Tomorrow” and “Best Rock Drummer”.

Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips had the pleasure of catching up with drummer extraordinaire Moni Lashes via zoom to talk about her remarkable career achievements.

Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Moni Lashes is the drummer for The Babes.  Picking up her first pair of drum sticks at the age of five, Moni was destined to be a rock drummer, as music is a family affair, with her father also being her first drum teacher. The Babes consist of Moni on drums, her sister, Donna, on lead guitar, their brother Corey on bass guitar, and brother-from-another-mother J.D as lead vocalist.  Touring extensively internationally, Moni has performed with The Babes in Australia, the U.S.A, Japan twice, and was even deployed to Iraq by the Defence Force, to entertain the troops in a war zone.

Moni set an Official World Record in 2015, becoming the first person to ever play drums non-stop without a single break outdoors.  It gained her drumming notoriety around the world, including being featured in Drummer Magazine, TomTom Magazine, DrumScene Magazine, Las Vegas Morning news, and domestic Australian media.  The Hard Rock Cafe in Osaka Japan named a drink after Moni, to signify her accomplishment, naming it the “Moni Lashes Mean Margarita”. Moni has conducted drum clinics in the USA and Australia, as well as Q&A events where fellow drummers are always eager to attend and hear the story of the world record, and tales of touring with The Babes.
In 2008, Moni was named Best Rock Drummer of South Australia, and in 2011 was runner-up nationally in the “Drummer of Tomorrow” competition, taking out first place in the public choice vote.  
As well as drumming and writing songs for The Babes,  she produces a variety of styles of music for subscription services such as Netflix, Youtube and animations. When not on tour with The Babes, Moni is a drum educator to students in Adelaide.

Moni and The Babes pride themselves on their stage show, and making every performance memorable for the crowd, which is proven with Moni’s Harley Davidson motorbike which attaches to her Pearl Drum kit. It is something that has to be seen, to be believed.
“She hits hard, plays hard, and slays even harder!” – Teo Magazine

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