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Melbourne-based guitarist Tom Glover has recently released a fabulous EP titled ‘In the Garden, Under the Moon’. It features thoughtful, melodic guitar-based slick licks blending virtuosic guitar playing with infectious grooves and emotive soundscapes, performed in his own unique style.

Tom Glover also kindly pondered Six Quix for us

Taking influence from artists such as Plini, Bon Iver, Dire Straits and Steve Vai, Australia’s Tom Glover is redefining what it means to be a bedroom musician. The 21-year-old guitarist and composer from Melbourne’s east blends virtuosic guitar playing with infectious grooves and immense soundscapes that stretch far beyond the bedroom in which they were created.

At age 16, egged on by his high school guitar teacher, Glover released his first EP. Entirely self-produced and a little rough around the edges, ‘Peace & War’ demonstrated his unique guitar style and set the groundwork for a sound he has continued to sharpen.

Two years later he followed it up with ‘Land of Dreams’, Glover’s first full length record- a musical stream of consciousness capturing incredible guitar performances and a further development of sound, showing off his versatility in a variety of genres.

Glover’s latest release ‘In the Garden, Under the Moon’, is a masterfully produced EP boasting a massive sound improvement in which he continues to sport his technical guitar abilities, soundscape creation, and ear for production. Through an eclectic fusion of styles, Tom Glover has ‘come of age’ and arrived at a sound that is altogether his own.

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Tom performs Fireblossom from his new EP In the Garden, Under the Moon’.

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