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Engineered for the discerning bassist, these amplifiers elevate performance standards through advanced hardware upgrades and a sleek, modern design, all while delivering the classic Aguilar sound and performance you’ve come to expect.

Featuring an all-new Aguilar Cabinet Suite, universal connectivity, and expanded cabinet pairing options, these V2 amplifiers deliver an authentic and versatile tone-shaping experience.

• NEW Tone Hammer 500 & 700
• NEW AG 500 & 700
• AG Deep & Bright adds a musical broadband boost to thicken low-end and add top-end shimmer.
• 4-band EQ control on new AG models & 3-band EQ on the Tone Hammer models
• IR Loader: New Cabinet IR Suite allows you to store up to any three cabinets directly on your amplifier.

The Tone Hammer series offers a lightweight, powerful solution with the warmth of tube amplifiers. Its 3-band EQ with sweepable midrange controls allows detailed tone shaping. The Drive control introduces distortion and punch. With the Aguilar Cabinet Suite, universal mains, and versatile connectivity, the Tone Hammer series adapts seamlessly to live, studio, and home settings.

The AG series boasts the most comprehensive EQ set, including Bass, Low Mid, High Mid, and Treble controls, along with Deep and Bright broadband boosts. With features like the Aguilar Cabinet Suite, universal power compatibility, and enhanced connectivity options, the AG series caters to bassists’ performance needs, ensuring seamless integration in the live, studio, and in-home environments

Available to Order from Your Aguilar Dealer Now! Distributed in Australia by CMI

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