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Building upon the remarkable success of the Ashdown Studio Range, Ashdown Engineering is enjoying success with their Studio Mini-Rig. This compact yet powerful combo consists of a 250w amp head and a meticulously matched 2 x 10″ Bass cab. Its classic design pays homage to the iconic PA columns of yesteryears, capturing that timeless aesthetic while integrating essential modern features.

Unleash your creativity with the Studio Mini-Rig’s feature-rich setup. It inherits its feature set from its 15″ sibling, delivering 250 watts of premium Solid State Ashdown tone through custom 2 x 10″ speakers. Whether you’re looking for a warm, vintage sound or a powerful, overdriven punch, this rig has you covered. It offers a foot-switchable valve-emulated overdrive, XLR DI, FX loop, headphone out for silent practice, and a versatile 5-band EQ, providing you with total control over your sound.

The Studio Mini-Rig brings it back to basics with the tried-and-true 5-band EQ, which has been a cornerstone of our Rootmaster and OriginAL ranges. Straight out of the box, with all knobs at 12 o’clock, it delivers a warm yet articulate sound that’s perfect for various musical styles.

Don’t be fooled by its size; this Mini-Rig packs a punch with its 250-watt solid-state power section, perfectly tuned and paired with the 2 x 10″ cab to handle most gigging scenarios. What sets it apart is its responsible design philosophy. In a world where class D amplifiers dominate, we’ve chosen solid-state for its repairability down to the component level, ensuring that your investment lasts for the next 25 years. We take pride in our commitment to real, honest power that stands the test of time, night after night. Choose the Studio Mini-Rig and stand out with a rig that’s responsibly designed for musicians who demand excellence.

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