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UK-based global pioneers of award-winning music technology, ROLI today launch their cult range of musical instruments and LUMI Keys in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2014, ROLI set out with a goal to empower everyone to make music with revolutionary accessible tools and technology. Since then, they have continued to change music creation and education with next-generation hardware and software instruments.

Seaboard, ROLI’s award-winning keyboard, launched in 2014 to international acclaim and remains an artist staple, providing portable yet powerful support whether at home, in studio, or on the live stage. By reimagining what a keyboard could do — the Seaboard launched a new category of instruments that gave musicians more sounds, effects, and control at their fingertips to become more expressive than ever possible before.

Meanwhile, once the most-funded musical education Kickstarter of all time, LUMI has transformed the music student experience since launching in 2019. LUMI combines an illuminated keyboard, interactive app, and rich educational content, to become an all-in-one platform for learning piano at all levels.

Behind any ROLI product is cutting-edge design. ROLI is the world leader in MIDI polyphonic expression (MPE), a new technology that allows digital instruments to mirror the nuanced control of acoustic counterparts. Expression is a core & unique fundamental of the range and is enabled through music tech. As ROLI seeks to make MPE technology more accessible, its full range of devices and tools has expanded to include handheld drumpads to stage-performance soft synths, and software programs from free apps to advanced sound design programs.

The ROLI and LUMI products available in Australia and New Zealand from today include:

Despite its compact size, this instrument enables infinite musical discovery, allowing users to play any sound imaginable and express themselves with unprecedented freedom. With 10 hours of wireless battery, they can play and perform on the Seaboard wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. Seaboard BLOCK M is equipped with ROLI’s revolutionary 5D Touch technology, offering intuitive sound shaping through gestures such as Strike, Press, Glide, Slide, and Lift.

ROLI Seaboard RISE 2
Discover infinite possibilities with Seaboard RISE 2, a keyboard designed for limitless exploration of sound. Re-engineered from the multi-award-winning original to be more intuitive and powerful than ever before, RISE 2 is the new pinnacle of musical expression. The Seaboard RISE 2 is equipped with ROLI’s 5D Touch technology, offering intuitive sound shaping through gestures such as Strike, Press, Glide, Slide, and Lift.

The first fully modular portable keyboard, LUMI Keys can double or triple in size just by magnetically snapping multiple keyboards together. Powered by ROLI’s Brightkey technology, LUMI Keys feature the brightest RGB illuminated keys ever made. It fits in a backpack and can travel anywhere, because it’s compact and weighs less than an iPad Pro.

Be it jamming on stage or a class in session, music creation and education with ROLI brings joy for every artist, student, teacher, musician, and producer.

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