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Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson talks signature sound for EMG

Posted in Bass, Gear    //    Post Date - October 12, 2015

Megadeth and Altitudes & Attitude bassist, Dave Ellefson talks about getting a signature sound from your picking hand and the ‘key of metal’ on EMGtv. Dave gives insight into his early years as a thrash metal player and the importance of staying in time with the music. Dave is using…

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Posted in Bass, Gear    //    Post Date - July 24, 2014

They were huge in the sixties and a big part of the British rock invasion, with acts like The Hollies, The Kinks and The Beatles playing Phantom or Teardrop shaped guitars. Vox has announced the new and long-awaited bass versions of the MARK III Bass and MARK V Bass! The…

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