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Posted in Bass, Gear    //    Post Date - January 23, 2016

Today Peavey® reintroduces their Cirrus™ 4 bass guitar. The Cirrus was first released in 1997 as Peavey’s flagship bass guitar line. Brought back due to its high demand, customer satisfaction and reliability, this model features all of the original qualities that made it highly sought after in the first place….

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Posted in Bass, Gear    //    Post Date - January 22, 2016

Orange Amplification unleashes the O Bass, the latest brainchild of Ade Emsley, Technical Director and Lead Designer. It first made an appearance at the 2014 Winter NAMM as a demonstrator piece, hidden from view backstage. However Orange has been inundated with production requests following a number of leaked internet videos….

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Posted in Bass, Blog, Gear    //    Post Date - January 22, 2016

We caught up with Wayne Jones, premier Australian bass player, producer and international charting recording artist at his booth at NAMM 2016 today. Wayne is showcasing his Wayne Jones AUDIO Hi Powered, Hi End Bass Cabinets & Bass Pre-Amp at NAMM He plays a little bass lick for us as…

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NAMM 2016: Boss Bass Compressor BC-1X

Posted in Bass, Gear, Pedals    //    Post Date - January 21, 2016

Equipped with cutting-edge BOSS technology, the BC-1X Bass Comp performs far beyond the capabilities of conventional bass compressor pedals. This premium stompbox features pro-level multiband compression controlled by intelligent circuitry, making it simple to dial in natural sounds for any playing style. The advanced design responds to different dynamics and…

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Epiphone Jack Casady Bass Demo

Posted in Bass, Gear    //    Post Date - January 7, 2016

The Jack Casady Signature Bass was designed by Casady in collaboration with Epiphone and is the culmination of years of experimentation by the Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna bassist to find an instrument with superb, balanced electric tone and the response of an acoustic bass. Chris Catero from American band…

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DBZ / Diamond Barchetta Bass Rundown

Posted in Bass, Gear    //    Post Date - December 2, 2015

Check out these DBZ/Diamond Barchetta basses, 4 and 5-string models Australian distributor

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Yamaha John Patitucci TRBJP2 bass

Posted in Bass, Gear    //    Post Date - December 2, 2015

John Patitucci is one of a kind. His virtuosity mixed with years and years of touring, recording and teaching allowed him develop the perfect bass with Yamaha, the TRBJP2. In this video, John goes in-depth about the concept behind each detail of the bass and it’s impact on the overall…

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Posted in Bass, Gear    //    Post Date - December 1, 2015

Legendary bassist Doug Wimbish shares a personal story of when he was first introduced to Spector Basses and how he was able to befriend Stuart Spector and work with him to custom design his 1987 Spector NS2 model, the same bass that he still relies on for his performances today…

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Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson talks signature sound for EMG

Posted in Bass, Gear    //    Post Date - October 12, 2015

Megadeth and Altitudes & Attitude bassist, Dave Ellefson talks about getting a signature sound from your picking hand and the ‘key of metal’ on EMGtv. Dave gives insight into his early years as a thrash metal player and the importance of staying in time with the music. Dave is using…

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Posted in Bass, Gear    //    Post Date - July 24, 2014

They were huge in the sixties and a big part of the British rock invasion, with acts like The Hollies, The Kinks and The Beatles playing Phantom or Teardrop shaped guitars. Vox has announced the new and long-awaited bass versions of the MARK III Bass and MARK V Bass! The…

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