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Fender is thrilled to announce news of the Australian launch of the Limited Edition Made in Japan Hybrid II series, featuring 8 models with the latest sought-after specifications and exquisite new metal ore and sky-inspired finishes.

 In 2017, Fender’s guitars and basses made in Japan underwent a comprehensive overhaul. With meticulous oversight from the U.S. product team, every aspect of production, from wood and parts selection to manufacturing processes, has been enhanced to achieve an even higher level of product quality. In particular, the Made in Japan Hybrid II series, with its traditional vintage look and modern playability that satisfies contemporary players, continues to be loved by many players as one of the flagship products in the Made in Japan portfolio. The Hybrid II is equipped with the latest modern specs that can be adapted to any musical genre, making it a series truly worthy of its name. This series combines smooth playability and a versatile tone that will compliment any guitarist and bassist’s style and play, regardless of rhythm or lead guitar player.

The 2024 Collection Made in Japan Hybrid II introduces a range of new pickup configuration models crafted in response to high demand from players. This collection includes the Stratocaster HSS and the Stratocaster(R) HSH, featuring the newly designed Hybrid II Custom Voiced Humbucking pickups, as well as the unique Telecaster(R) SH-style models. Additionally, the Jazz Bass(R) PJ stands out on the bass side.

Another appealing feature is that the 2024 Collection introduces new metal ore and sky-themed finishes to its standard models. The models which will be released in March will feature quilted maple tops in awe inspired finishes, including “Aquamarine,” embodying the transparency and beauty of the jem stone by the same name, “Red Beryl,” an exquisite deep red emerald color, and “Larimar,” which is inspired by a rare ore. While the models to be released in June will feature flame maple tops in “Celeste Blue,” an elegant sky-blue color, “Sunset Orange Transparent,” a warm orange color reminiscent of a beautiful sunset, and “Twilight,” which is inspired by the color of the sky before sunrise and after sunset. These stunning finishes will be available on the standard Telecaster, Stratocaster, Jazzmaster, and Jazz Bass models.

Newly released models include:

  • Made in Japan Hybrid II Stratocaster®
  • Made in Japan Hybrid II Stratocaster® HSS
  • Made in Japan Hybrid II Stratocaster® HSH
  • Made in Japan Hybrid II Telecaster®
  • Made in Japan Hybrid II Telecaster® SH
  • Made in Japan Hybrid II Jazzmaster®
  • Made in Japan Hybrid II Jazz Bass® 
  • Made in Japan Hybrid II Precision Jazz Bass® PJ 

The 2024 Collection offers specs to suit any musical style and attractive colours that will surely stand out from the crowd. Create and stage your own music with the 2024 Collection.

For technical specs, additional information on new Fender products and to find a retail partner near you, visit Join the conversation on social media by following @Fender_JP.

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