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Tight spaces and complicated multi-mic setups can create unsightly clutter and cause logistical issues for musicians and engineers alike. Streamlining the number of tripods can reduce stress, improve appearance, and even enhance safety. With this in mind, Hercules is helping to optimize performance environments for both stage and studio, with the all-new MS464BPRO Double Boom Mic Stand. Crafted with precision and ingenuity, the stand’s two boom arms facilitate the miking of two instruments, easily, with the footprint of only one tripod.

The Double Boom Mic stand boasts two telescopic boom arms, ensuring optimal mic placement by extending for longer distances while minimizing excess boom for shorter ones. Its dual boom clamps allow for simultaneous adjustments in angle, positioning, and height, all managed by a single tightening lever for convenience. Additionally, the Power Lock Lever provides stability during performances by securely locking the boom arms in place with a ratchet mechanism, preventing any slippage caused by mic weight.

“The Double Boom Mic Stand embodies Hercules’ commitment to innovation and our never-ending quest to improve the lives of musicians,” says Hercules Stands’ Director of Sales and Marketing, Kevin Philbin. “We’re thrilled to offer this new product for musicians seeking versatility and convenience in their setups.”

• Two short telescopic boom arms with fully adjustable tilters
• Quick Turn makes height adjustment quick and easy!
• Adjustable Power Lock Lever to secure the optimal boom arm positioning

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Distributed in Australia by Electric Factory

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