maton_news_book_900_808_s_c1_c_t“From little things big things grow,” sang Paul Kelly in his classic Australian song of the same name. It’s a phrase which could easily apply to the humble origins of the classic Australian guitar company, Maton.

In 1946, Bill May crafted a guitar in his Melbourne garage that he wanted the world to hear and play. In a matter of years, it was in the hands of Elvis Presley in the film ‘Jailhouse Rock’. Later, a Maton played the riff that defined a generation on the Rolling Stones’ ‘Gimme Shelter’. Today, Maton are an essential part of music culture in Australia and around the world.

To celebrate 70 years of manufacturing world class guitars, Maton has released a commemorative book, ‘The Music That Maton Made’. This is not only a book for guitar lovers — it’s an intimate family history and an essential part of Australian music history. Compiling over ten years of research, and over two years in production, this book is as well-crafted and family-owned as Maton guitars themselves.

Go behind-the-scenes to meet the artisan guitar makers. Read the stories behind the songs created with Maton guitars. And go backstage to meet the bands and musicians that have, with a Maton in hand, shaped our musical world.

Andy Allen, Maton custom shop

Andy Allen, Maton custom shop

Packed full of interviews with the greats — from jazz legend George Golla to guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel; from Archie Roach, and The Wiggles, to Daniel Johns, Paul Kelly, and Josh Homme, and many more …

Published to coincide with Maton’s 70th anniversary,The Music That Maton MadeĀ is a comprehensive, full-colour tribute to a home-grown guitar range that has been embraced by famous musicians and guitar enthusiasts around the world.

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