DV Mark is proud to announce that world renowned guitarist, Kiko Louriero of Megadeth, has joined the DV Mark family.

Loureiro needs no introduction. Even before being invited to join Megadeth last year, he was already renowned for his guitar work with Angra and enjoyed a high profile solo career that featured breakout releases like “No Gravity”, Fullblast” and “Sounds of Innocence”, where his exceptional technique, musicality and Brazilian roots were highlighted.

On trialling the DV Mark Multiamp, Kiko was floored by its tone, dynamic response, effects and 500w power stage. Kiko’s sonic versatility requires a platform that can deliver outstanding tone across not just one genre, but a wide range of musical landscapes, and it’s Kiko’s opinion that the Multiamp is truly unbeatable in this area.

DV Mark are honoured to welcome a great artist such as Kiko Loureiro to the DV Mark family.

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