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Guitar Cloud Symposium — Jennifer Batten’s exclusive online guitar educational program — offers a detailed “rejuvenation” for improving guitarists’ craft and creativity, April 16-19.

For Australian audiences, we have to be clear … these sessions are on PDT time, meaning it all takes place when you’d normally be sleeping. However, with the high calibre of instructors and the great value of the lessons, it’s worth readjusting your week to take benefit from this unique guitar experience.

Guitar Cloud Symposium (GCS) is an all-new virtual guitar mastery program, and the brainchild of Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson/Jeff Beck guitarist). GCS was born from her desire to empower the modern musician with lessons learned from her decade-long world tours with Michael Jackson and playing alongside guitar icon Jeff Beck.

Jennifer Batten

The April edition of Guitar Cloud Symposium offers comprehensive instruction modules for learning slide guitar, Gypsy jazz, chord melody, percussive techniques, expressive performance, tone crafting, rhythm playing, and more. As a special bonus, the last day of class includes free gear giveaways, and an exclusive hang-out session with legendary studio guitarist, member of Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band, and founding member of Toto, Steve Lukather.

Register Before April 9 and Save $50:

Guitar Cloud Symposium’s April 16-19 session is a weekend Zoom seminar that brings top-notch  instructors right to students’ laptop or mobile device LIVE. It’s like having a series of interactive private lessons with amazing teachers who are renowned for sharing knowledge, nurturing inspiration, and dispensing some fun while you learn.

Here are the learning modules each Guitar Cloud Symposium instructor has in store at the April session:

• Jennifer Batten: Intro to Chord Melody, Arpeggios, Creating Parts at Recording Sessions.

• Greg Koch: Slide Guitar, Achieving Great Guitar Tone.

• Vicki Genfan: Percussive Guitar, What’s the Best Acoustic Guitar Pickup for You, Integrating Singing into Your Performances.

• Daniele Gottardo: Expressive Techniques, Modes.

• Mundo Juillerat: Gypsy Jazz Soloing and Rhythm Playing.

• Gretchen Menn: Improvisation for Beginners, Motivation and Focus, Applying Inspiration.

Bonuses! Q&A sessions with each instructor, Take Away Support Materials Downloads, Wrap Party, Gear Giveaways from Sponsors, and a fantastic hang with Steve Lukather!

Register now:

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