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Just over 18 months ago they were playing at a small, sweaty dive bar in Sydney on a Sunday night. By August of 2022 they were opening for the hottest band in the world, KISS and in April of this year they were hypnotising crowds nationwide, leaving jaws on the floor as they opened for The Smashing Pumpkins and Jane’s Addiction.

Turning industry heads at both BigSound and SXSW late last year, Battlesnake signed a management deal with Lemon Tree Music and joined booking agents Lonely Lands Agency, for Australia and FMLY for the UK.

With old school twin guitar harmonies and story telling that would make the great Dio proud, Sydney’s Battlesnake dropped new single Pangea Breaker just before Xmas onto an unsuspecting world. Quickly racking up 10 000 spins the track laid the foundations for their biggest year yet in 2024!

The lovechild of Queen, Tenacious D, Judas Priest and King Gizzard, Battlesnake are a unique beast within the Australian music scene. The cult metallers knocked at the door of what all underdogs dream of but few ever experience.. and it opened.

Now the band are set to return with their next slab of 70’s inspired heaviness, Motorsteeple. With its Maiden and Saxon-esque guitar harmonies, etherial Ghost like chorus and crushing Sabbath riffage, Motorsteeple takes you on epic heavy metal journey down the road to oblivion.

The band comment “So it begins… The Motorsteeple cometh on tracks of vengeful steel, the steeple pierces the sky with it’s chrome spire. A colossal church that hath no breaks, bound to the road eternally”

Listen to Motorsteeple here

Keeping their promise to make 2024 their biggest year yet, Battlesnake have confirmed a huge 8 date tour across the UK and Europe for May!

Before they get there, they are doing some select shows on the aptly named

Help Us Get To Europe Tour!
Sunday, Feb 11: Party In The Paddock, Tas
Fri, March 22: The Brightside, Brisbane
Sat, March 23: Metro Social, Sydney
Friday, April 5: The Tote, Melbourne
Sat, April 6: Volta, Ballarat
Fri-Sun, April 26-28: Gumball Festival NSW

Tickets available from

Wed, May 15 – Sat, May 18: The Great Escape, Brighton UK
Sun, May 19: Gulliver’s, Manchester UK
Tues, May 21: Crofters, Bristol UK
Wed, May 22: The Black Heart, London UK
Thurs, May 23: Bearded Theory Fest, Derbyshire UK
Fri, May 24: La Zone, Liege BELGIUM
Sat, May 25: Sniester Fest, Den Haag NETHERLANDS

Mortals tremble, all hail Battlesnake!

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