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Iconic AC/DC singer Ronald Belford “Bon” Scott would have turned 75 years old on Friday, July 9, 2021. To mark this occasion, Bon’s family is launching the first ever official Bon Scott website which will serve as a destination for fans keen to discover more about the legendary singer, including tributes from renowned rockers.

They will also be able to leave testimonials about seeing or meeting Bon and purchase newly-available official merchandise.

The Bon Scott Estate said: “On the occasion of what would have been his 75th birthday, the Bon Scott Estate (Ron’s two brothers and his nephew) are proud to launch the new website and take this important step toward elevating Bon’s legend and tending to his legacy.  Bon was a unique singer, songwriter and character that the world should never forget.”

Few rock singers were as unforgettable – and have proved as enduring – as Bon Scott. As the frontman of AC/DC from 1974 until his tragic passing in 1980 (at the age of 33), his “rock n’ roll pirate persona,” street poet lyrics, and striking image (one of the first rockers to proudly sport multiple tattoos) have made him an absolute legend. Additionally, Bon’s vocals were featured in several pre-AC/DC bands, including Fraternity, the Valentines, and the Spektors.

But really, it is the quality of the songs of the “Bon-era” of AC/DC that serve as his greatest legacy – “Highway to Hell,” “Sin City,” “Whole Lotta Rosie,” “Let There Be Rock,” “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” “TNT,” and “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll)”…the list is seemingly endless.

How does Bon measure up to rock’s all-time great frontmen? Classic Rock Magazine declared him “The Greatest Rock n’ Roll Front Man of All Time” in 2004, beating out the lofty likes of Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant, and Axl Rose in the process.

And now, The Bon Scott Estate will oversee the new official Bon Scott site, which will both pay tribute to the singer and help keep his memory alive for new and old fans alike.

The Estate added: “This is an invitation for Bon’s fans and friends to gather and share their memories and observations of him and his music.  His legacy lives in the hearts and minds of those who love him.”


Click Here For The Official Playlist Of All Bon Scott Tracks Available To Stream


Ronald Belford Scott came into my life in 1974. After meeting Bon backstage at that first Sydney gig in Rockdale, I described him as a very cocky and charismatic Scotsman and I felt that my working relationship with this man was not going to be dull, and the next six years proved just how right I was!
– FIFA RICCOBONO (former CEO of Alberts)

Bon was a funny guy. Everybody liked him, but what made him stand out was his talent for rock lyrics. I don’t think he will ever be bettered.  Respect.

I saw Bon Scott performing up close only once when we supported AC/DC in Sydney decades long gone and I never forgot it. The cheeky gap-toothed grin and cocky promenading were added layers that fleshed out a consummate professional. He owned the stage and the song with precision and spunk. Whilst never appearing to take anything too seriously, he was leading one of the most formidable guitar bands we’ve ever seen or heard to the very top. Writing, singing and performing at a level most only dream about. And then he was gone too soon – what an incredible legacy.
-PETER GARRETT (Midnight Oil)

I met Bon back when he joined ACDC…Bon WAS a rockstar…cheeky fun loving and oh so talented…a voice that could cut steel and a master of lyrics…we owe a lot to Bon he gave the world so much!

Some thoughts about Bon Scott,
We, The Angels, became friends with AC/DC in 1975 when we supported them through three regional SA shows, Port Pirie, Whyalla and Port Augusta. Bon, Angus and Malcolm approached us in Whyalla and said they’d like to tell Harry Vanda and George Young about us. True to their word that’s exactly what they did and not long after we were signed to Alberts. Those days were incredible, to work with Vanda/Young, to hang out with the AC/DC guys in the studio, on occasion swapping instruments and jamming and to be part of such an amazing stable of artists, JPY, TMG, Rose Tattoo, Stevie Wright and George and Harry. Also we formed a close relationship with Mark Opitz, Fifa Riccobono and Sam Horsburgh.

Back to those first three gigs, I remember sitting with Bon in AC/DC’s tour bus, an old Pioneer, in Port Augusta after the show sharing a drink and chatting. Bon told me their plans to go overseas as soon as possible and take on the World. He said “…we’ll be one of the biggest bands in the World because we’ve got Angus”. I said “…don’t sell yourself short Bon, they’ve got you!” To me that’s a good example of Bon being typically humble.

We did quite a lot of gigs with AC/DC in those days and, on one occasion, in Adelaide, all of us staying in the Australia Hotel, Bon said he wanted to go for a walk. I went with him down the hill to the Parklands that surround the city. Within minutes there were quite a number of people who just fell in line silently following. He was a kind of rock n’ roll Pied Piper, so charismatic, a genuine star.

Bon was the only singer that got up and sang with The Angels. It was at Selinas, I’ve no idea what song, but it was just fantastic! My memories of Bon and all from those days remain as some of my most precious.

  The first time I saw ACDC was on television and I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. It wasn’t just the sound, or the song, or Angus’ schoolboy outfit, it was Bon Scott, the lead singer. He had a classic rock n’ roll voice that sat perfectly atop the Young brothers’ twin guitar assault. But he had something else – an amazing charisma born of a cheeky smile and a twinkle in his eyes that told you he was clever, a lot of fun and a little bit dangerous. Then he played the bagpipes! I nearly fell off the lounge.

I was devastated when he passed away. But his music lives on as a testament to just how good that combination of drums, bass, guitars and vocals can be. Here’s to Bon Scott, a true original.

I remember the first time I saw AC/DC. Journey was continuing our quest to become headliners and Van Halen, who were our opener, were with us for about a month and had just left the tour to pursue their headlining dreams.

The next thing I know, I’m in Corpus Christi, Texas showing up for our set and a new opening act from Australia was just added to our tour. I had heard about AC/DC but never seen them live.

When I walked in I heard this Massive pumping Drum, Bass and Rhythm Guitar groove with an amazing Lead Guitar and a voice soaring above it all like no other. I walked over to stage left to see what the heck was happening and there he was, Bon Scott with a bottle of Jack, no shirt, Levis and cowboy boots, singing like a cross between Steve Marriott and a Cat. His voice was so fucking powerful that he changed me for ever. He lived what he was.

Bon’s attitude demeanour and front man swagger gave him the Everyman persona that the world loved him for. His voice look and on stage character drew us all in – there’s an unmatched uniqueness that solidifies Bon’s legendary status in rock and roll…..

I would watch him work from the side of the stage and out front and the magnetism he projected was non-stop. You felt the pure love energy and honesty he belted out with his band. He and I had down to earth wholesome encounters in the dressing room and on the bus that I cherish in that he talked from the heart uncluttered and with no ego. As a singer he can’t be matched by virtue of style and sound….we love and miss you Bon…..!

Hands down, Bon Scott is one of the greatest frontmen to ever set foot on a stage. Sly, cheeky and a little bit dangerous, he had charisma to burn and it was impossible to take your eyes off him. He always looked like he was having the time of his life and he made you want to be a part of it.  Then there was his amazing voice – bratty and gruff with a bright edge that cut through even the dirtiest mix, Bon’s howling and yowling gave every note a pure rock and roll intensity. The only other singer I can compare him to is Little Richard, not so much in the tone of his voice but more in the raw honesty and his fierce individuality. Just like Little Richard, Bon Scott was one of a kind.
DAVE FAULKNER (Hoodoo Gurus)

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