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Cam Butler is a Melbourne composer, guitarist and producer who has been a long-time creative force on the Australian live and recording scene, from first blowing us away with legendary Melbourne trio Silver Ray to guitarist with the fabulous Ron Peno & The Superstitions and more. On August 22, Cam will release yet another fine solo album. Strings Music is a retrospective album for which he has selected eight of his most compelling compositions. These compositions have been taken from previous Butler records, released between 2003 and 2012, and have been given a new life, with re-recordings, revised arrangements and re-mastering. Cam has composed one new piece, ‘All Our Lives’, especially for this album.

All the tracks on Strings Music reflect the distinctive compositional and recording approach that he’s been working on for many years; combining modern, classical string sections with expressive, reverb-laden electric guitar. The result is a harmonically rich blend of sound that is exciting and emotionally captivating. Strings Music can been seen as an introduction to Cam Butler’s music as an Australian composer, and also as a collection of works that are a comprehensive representation of him as an artist and musician.

Cam Butler has released ten solo instrumental albums which vary in style from guitar and synthetic soundscapes, to works with string ensembles both large and small. His orchestral compositional approach combines electric guitar with modern classical string sections to create a warm, atmospheric sound that ranges from thrilling drama to wistful sadness. Butler’s unique musical vision is evocative, often being described as ‘cinematic’. Greatly inspired by the environs and landscapes of Southern Australia, Butler views himself as an artist working from an Australian perspective, creating his own, singular version of contemporary, classical music.

Cam Butler is also the lead guitarist in Ron Peno’s band The Superstitions. Ron Peno is currently doing it hard. The legendary Died Pretty singer was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in 2019. Ron underwent multiple treatments and major surgery followed by a long rehabilitation period stretching into 2020. Unfortunately in early 2021, the cancer was discovered to have moved to his brain. Ever the model patient, Ron continued to fight with grace, optimism, determination and pure grit but the cancer is proving difficult to control and the medical costs are mounting. Ron is now in need of financial help to get through the coming months of hospital visits and supported care: to help covering rent, basic utilities, groceries, transport, in-home support services and of course much needed medication. A crowd-fund has been established to hep Ron fight his battle. You can donate HERE

UPDATE AUGUST 12, 2023 Sadly Ron S Peno passed away on Friday evening in the presence of his loving wife Charity and his son Zebadiah, at his home in South Yarra, Melbourne.

Catch Cam Butler & His Orchestra in concert at Melbourne Recital Centre, Friday October 6.
You can experience an unforgettable evening of music with Cam Butler and His Orchestra as they launch his new album, Strings Music, performing revised and re-recorded pieces taken from Butler’s extensive catalogue of works for string ensemble and guitar. With a lineup featuring a string quartet, electric guitar, percussion, and electric bass, the seven-piece ensemble creates a thrilling and entrancing live concert perfectly suited to the superb acoustics of the Primrose Potter Salon. Accompanied by video projections, this show will leave audiences sonically and visually captivated. Butler’s genre-blending approach merges modern classical string sections with electric guitar to create an atmospheric and dramatic sound that takes listeners on expansive sonic journeys. Full of emotion and depth, the sweeping melodies will transport you to another world, making this an unmissable experience. Tickets HERE 

And don’t forget to mark August 22 in your diary for the release of Cam Butler’s new album Strings Music … but we’ll remind you anyway!

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