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Let’s face it, the old music industry model is well and truly dead. You know the one where the DEAL was king … you got discovered by a label, the label paid for and promoted your record, financed your tour and if you sold enough records and concert tickets, you’d made it. It just doesn’t happen like that anymore and to be honest, a very small amount of artists ever actually got to realise that objective. Yet that system, that myth has become so ingrained in musicians’ minds that some artists still seek that unobtainable dream. It’s the same with the film industry, that one one deal formula just doesn’t hold water anymore.

Today, the artists who succeed are the media-savvy creatives who make it happen through NETWORKING, meeting the right kind of people with the right knowledge that’s applicable and helpful to their situation. Sure the major social media platforms like Facebook, X and Instagram are great for building an audience and discovering contacts but you’re also competing for space with a lot of other white noise … the meme-makers, the pet photos and videos, the annoying ads, retail promotions, political propaganda and then there are the scammers.

The people behind the acclaimed FMC-Film Music Contest know this all too well and have consequently developed a wonderful solution. They’ve created FM ARTIST PLATFORM, a platform that brings together musicians and film makers from all over the world who have the same goals and aspirations. FM Artist Platform is an international directory of people, companies, institutions and organisations active in the music and film world.

How can a platform like this possibly help?
Do you ever get exasperated hearing about independent artists who have just returned from their 3rd, 4th, or 5th tour overseas and wonder, how the hell are they able to do that? What about that band whose music keeps popping up in the background of a movie or TV series that you’re watching, they only played a small club nearby a few weeks ago, how can their music be used on a show like that? Or there’s that producer guy down the road who is remixing tracks from one of the world’s biggest acts and has an award nomination as co-songwriter on that artist’s latest album. He only built his home studio a couple of years ago, how did he end up recording with a Grammy nominated artist? There’s an olden but golden adage that explains all of the above … it’s not what you know but who you know!

What about the music teacher who wants to inspire their students and is looking to create a collaborative online project with a music school overseas? Or there’s the artist who knows he or she needs authentic session musicians from a specific genre to play on an important album track… a Scottish pipe band, a Greek bouzouki player, an Indonesian Gamelan orchestra.  Maybe you’re looking for a distribution label to get your music circulated in a country you’re about to tour for the first time? Perhaps you just need someone to make a video for your new single but don’t know anyone from that world. How would you even begin to know who to contact for any of those situations, especially from a country like Australia which is geographically so far away from everyone else?

As I said earlier, it all comes down to networking and making connections and while pre-covid it was all about attending conventions such as SXSW to meet the right people, post-covid it’s all about online connection. As FM Platform builds, it would seem to be the perfect place to find your tribe, the people who have the skills and knowledge to help get your content seen and heard and propel your career forward. And with the FM Platform, there are so many different arts categories, you are destined to find YOUR kind of people. From songwriters, orchestras, composers, instrumentalists, singers, vocalists, producers, to music studios, labels, music companies, music students, and schools, you’ll find connections to these worlds on FM Platform.

And with the entry level access to FM Platform being free, why wouldn’t at least try it, you have nothing to lose. If it works and you establish some worthwhile contacts, maybe you can consider a premium membership but there is no obligation to do so. Put your name or your business out there into the universe and see what comes of it.

Basic membership is free for all music and film artists. The platform offers a wealth of features, cataloguing, categorisation, geographic zoning, and a space to link your social media, music and film platforms. It is also a source of information about you, which you can update at any time, and a place where you can share your finished profiles and use them to promote yourself. You can easily connect with people in your same areas of interest. All categories can be found at this link:

Below, a complete, easy-to-follow step-by-step visual guide is provided for all new members, showing them how to create and post their profile publicly on the platform. This section also includes further tutorials explaining and showing members how they can quickly and easily make image galleries or link their music, movies, videos and promo trailers for their products in their profiles.

Find out how to create a profile on the platform by following this link:

Throughout 2024, platform members will have the chance to vote, nominate and decide on the top albums, artists, films and TV shows, streaming platforms, favourite hardware and software, and much more in the annual FM Film-Music Contest. The Votes section and nominations can be found here:

Music and film artists, companies, and organisations can subscribe to the FM newsletter and create their profiles on the official website here:

Follow the platform on social media:

Be among the first to know about news, contests, votes or polls on this platform.

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