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With over a million streams across her discography, Melbourne-based songwriter and producer Eilish Gilligan is back with her new single & video Involved You, to be celebrated with a special gig on July 21

Involved You is loud, erratic and violent — but upholds pop conventions proudly; as the chorus slams into the listener, they will find themselves running back for more. One for fans of Charli XCX, Lorde and Ninajirachi, Eilish’s voice is a weapon as she lists regret after regret throughout the track, wishing she had never involved another person in her own drama.

“This song is about accidentally falling into the role of the villain in relationships, and kind of regretting it… but also kind of embracing it, too,” Eilish says. “It happened a few times in a row and I started to think ‘what if my worst fear of being a bad person has come true without me realising it?’ With hindsight I don’t think that was actually the case, but this song was written from that place.”

Involved You was self-written, and produced by Eilish and her long-time friend and collaborator Gab Strum, mixed by Hamish Patrick, and mastered by Matthew Agoglia. The song marks the beginning of a new era for Eilish, as she explains: “My attitude to life and music has changed so much over the last few years. I feel so strong, and I want my music to reflect that. There’s so, so much more to come, I literally cannot wait.”

Eilish has had an impressive year. Amidst finishing her debut album, and co-writing with and producing for other artists, she has made a name for herself in music journalism, covering issues across the pop music industry for The Guardian, triple j’s Hack, Channel 10’s The Project, ABC Radio and more. She has also established a strong profile in podcasting as a pop culture journalist and producer at Shameless Media, home of some of Australia’s most popular podcasts.

Involved You is out now.

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