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Felicity Cripps Band has this week launched a fabulous film clip to accompany a new single ‘Inside A Keyhole’. The song itself possesses a serpentinelike undercurrent which may take unsuspecting listeners away to a hazy place, lost in thought and for a brief moment, free from your day to day concerns. From its opening grungy C chord, ‘Inside A Keyhole’ seeps inside your head and slowly makes its way through your system to the region which makes you sway.

Unveiling ethereal visuals for her recent single ‘Inside A Keyhole’, Castlemaine based musician Felicity Cripps builds on her story for the collective conscience and the intangible threads connecting all of us to this world and beyond. Premiered on Backseat Mafia, the single is the first taste of a new chapter of music from Felicity Cripps Band and has seen support from community radio across Australia including 4ZZZ, RRR, 3MDR, and many more.

The ‘Inside A Keyhole’ video captures a variety of poetic eruptions, taking individuals on a dream-like journey as the psychedelic nature of the film intensifies. Video and multimedia artist, Dr. Allision Gibbs, filmed the video on Dja Dja Wurrung country, marrying digital film with her own unique 16mm cameraless film technique to create a chimerical landscape. Captivating scenes and snapshots provide an earthy, yet ethereal undertone towards Cripps’ storytelling.

‘Making this clip was a very organic process. We wanted it to unfold like the song did, which meant being mindful not to plan too much, but start with one idea and let things evolve naturally. Nature was an important aspect, as was the desire to morph from ‘reality’ into another more dreamy dimension. There’s a lot of symbolism with the images, it takes you on a gentle, psychedelic journey, which is exactly the feeling we wanted this song to evoke.’ – Felicity Cripps

Watch ‘Inside a Keyhole’ video:

No stranger to the many moving parts of the music industry, Felicity Cripps runs arts institution and venue Theatre Royal Castlemaine, which she owns and operates with her husband, together raising their daughter. Her move out of Naarm (Melbourne) and into Castlemaine on Dja Dja Wurrung country marked her step into her next musical journey and has seen her share stages with the likes of Models, Robert Forster, Rob Snarski, Lindy Morrison, and more, appearing at various events such as Townfolk Festival and Whole Loddon Love, and supporting Australian songwriter Don Walker earlier this year.

Join Felicity as she unlocks this new creation for Felicity Cripps Band.
‘Inside a Keyhole’ is out now!


‘Inside a Keyhole’ Credits:
Directed by Allison Gibbs
Botanical timelapse footage: SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
16mm hand process: Brice Veika
16mm scan: Memorylab
Filmed in Castlemaine on Dja Dja Wurrung Country, Victoria, AU.

‘Inside a Keyhole’ Lyrics:
I’m the killer and I’m the killed
I’m the spiller and I’m the spilled
I’m the dust between the cracks
I’m the road that leads you back
I’m the tears you didn’t cry
I’m the stars that never shine
I’m the grass and I’m the trees
And I’m everything in between

The universe is inside a keyhole
The universe is inside a keyhole

I’m the dreamer, I am Christ
I’m the sunshine and the night
I’m the eagle, I’m the wren

The beginning and the end
I turned my head to see, in its entirety
The eternal universe
We are loved and we are cursed
‘Cause I am everything
And I am nothing

The universe is inside a keyhole
The universe is inside a keyhole

Let’s take a trip to the otherside
Let’s take a trip to the otherside
I’m the killer, I’m the killed
I’m spiller, I’m the spilled
I’m the thunder, I’m the sky
I’m the darkness, I’m the light
I’m grace and I’m pain
I’m heat, I’m the rain
I’m the sunshine, I’m the night
I am the eagle taking flight

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