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The GODS have listened, and they have heeded your call, Sweden’s Power Metal overlords, the mighty HammerFall will set sail for Australia in January 2025 for their first ever Australian tour. Yes, they played one show in Melbourne in 2015 but it wasn’t a TOUR!

‘’We all agreed that one measly show in 27 years is not nearly enough. So we’re coming in full force next year. Brace yourselves for a Heavy Metal celebration the likes of which you have never seen!’’ – Oscar Dronjak

‘’We are very excited to bring our particular brand of Heavy Metal to Australia for the first time, and we can’t wait to show you what HammerFall Anno 2025 sounds like!’’ – Joacim Cans

No matter how much everything changes in culture and the world at large, heavy metal endures. It empowers. It engages. It engenders strength. It outlasts fads. Since forming in Gothenburg, Sweden and releasing their debut album Glory To The Brave in 1997,  HammerFall have stormed the gates of heavy music’s pantheon and waved the genre’s flag higher and higher with every subsequent release. With multiple international number ones, gold certifications, sold out tours, and over 100 million+ streams and 100 million+ YouTube views, the group upholds a venerable legacy.

But it is in a live setting where they outshine their peers and imitators. In true HammerFall fashion, every element becomes dangerously and dramatically amplified. The riffs hit harder. The rhythms thunder louder. The choruses soar closer to the clouds.

Watch ‘Hearts On Fire’:

 The Hammer will strike with force in Australia as HammerFall unleash a setlist full of power drenched anthems such as ‘Heart’s on Fire’, ‘Last Man Standing’, ‘Brotherhood’, ‘Heeding the Call’, ‘Any Means Necessary’,  ‘Hail to the King’ and so many more.

Donning their brightest shining armour, HammerFall will leave their mark on Australia forever by delivering an unforgettable live experience for metalheads across the continent.

“Strap on your armour and saddle up! HammerFall deliver anthem after fist-banging anthem!” – Louder Sound

HAMMERFALL January 2025 Australian Tour Dates

Tuesday 14th January PERTH, Metro Fremantle
Wednesday 15th January ADELAIDE, Lion Arts
Friday 17th January  MELBOURNE, Northcote Theatre
Saturday 18th January  SYDNEY, Manning Bar
Sunday 19th January BRISBANE, The Triffid

Tickets: On Sale: Friday 14th June 9:00am local From:

New Album Avenge The Fallen Out on 9th August via Nuclear Blast Records

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