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We’ve been hearing about the upcoming Duets album from Australian guitar legend Kevin Borich for some time and today the fabulous track listing and duet partners were revealed. To be released on July 14 and backed by a national tour, the Duets album features Russell Morris, Leo Sayer, Suze DeMarchi, Joe Walsh, Ian Moss, Tim Rogers, Ella Hooper, Angry Anderson, Joe Camilleri,  Ross Wilson, Angela Fabian and John Swan.

We’ve also been given taste of what’s to come with a rocking first single, Keep It To Myself featuring You Am I’s Tim Rogers.

“Meeting Kev had me trembling at the kneecaps as I’ve loved the man ever since seeing him with the Party Boys and my lil’ febrile teenage mind thinking “They make ‘em THAT cool? Here? Or there? (As I found out Kev’s origins). Digging back and forth through them La De Da’s, The Express, and the newer incarnations of Kev I’m always struck by his passion, finesse and POWER. In his songwriting, singing and of course that extension of his body with six strings. We had a blast recording Keep It To Myself. It is easily one of the fondest memories of my livings. Hail to the Chief! Rev it up Kev!”  said Tim Rogers of the project.

Here’s what Kevin has to say about the project:
My producer Nick O’Donnell and I had two very separate  musical careers, and through some great bit of serendipity and  happenstance, ended up living in the same little semi-rural  town in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

After completing our first record together ‘Totem’ in 2014,  Nick convinced me that it was high time to celebrate what has  been a pretty long career. Firstly a greatest hits album aptly titled ‘Legacy’ which we released in 2022. ‘Legacy’ held the  number one position on the AMRAP radio charts for 3 months.

Now in 2023 we are proud to release ‘Duets’….A celebration  of a lifetime of music…with friends!

I’ve shared stages with, hung out with, misbehaved with and  now recorded with some of the greatest musicians of all time,  from around the world. I am so extremely grateful to each of  these amazing artists and friends for their contributions and  precious time spent making the record.

‘Duets’ features Russell Morris, Leo Sayer, Suze DeMarchi (Baby Animals), Joe Walsh (Eagles), Ian Moss (Cold Chisel), Tim Rogers (You Am I), Ella Hooper (Killing Heidi), Angry Anderson (Rose Tattoo), Joe Camilleri (Black Sorrows),  Ross Wilson (Daddy Cool/Mondo Rock), Angela Fabian and John Swan (Swanee/Party Boys).

Not just their amazing voices but Joe Walsh and Ian Moss played some guitar, Joe Camilleri played Sax and Ross Wilson  on the Harp. ‘Duets’ has been a real labour of love. Recorded over the last several years, we had so many obstacles, so many  challenges, so many late nights. Nick reckons I’m a vampire.

There were friends we so hoped we could have included on  the record (Renee Geyer & Doug Parkinson) who will be sadly missed. Primarily recorded in my studio as well as hotel suites,  lounge rooms, studios in multiple cities, theatre stages,  backstage green rooms…You name it we did it! We wrestled, we cajoled…We made a cracking album we are so extremely  proud of!!

Looking back over making the record, the thing that stands out most for me is that when we originally tracked each  song with my singing they sounded like “Kevin Borich songs” and then with each guest’s wonderfully strong artistic identity  and “unique voice” somehow instantly transformed each song into THEIR song… Probably the reason why each of these  artists have had such amazing careers…Unique, undeniable, completely recognisable voices and personalities! We hope you enjoy the album as much as we have enjoyed making it with our mates! Enjoy ‘Duets’.

Touring June/July 2023.


In the 60’s, Kevin was the founding member of New Zealand’s  hit band ‘The La De Da’s’ and did the ditch jump to OZ charting  with his hit ‘Gonna See My Baby Tonight’ and top 30 album  ‘Celebration’. Kevin was a founding member of Australia’s legendary band ‘The Party Boys’ with the number one hit  ‘He’s Gonna Step On You’. Kevin has released over 20 albums  with major labels and independently, performing countless  thousands of live shows during his 50+ year career.

Kevin has performed with and shared stages with Carlos Santana, AC/DC, Taj Mahal, Status Quo, Renee Geyer, Living  Colour, Joe Walsh, Elton John, Peter Frampton, Buddy Guy,  Jeff Beck, Bo Diddley, John Mayall and Ritchie Blackmore.

DUETS tracklisting

01 Call a Friend (Feat. Russell Morris) – [2:41]

02 Bring Loving Back Again (Feat. Leo Sayer) – [4:07]

03 Wrapped In Rock (Feat. Suze DeMarchi) – [3:12]

04 The Fires (Feat. Joe Walsh) – [3:59]

05 Straight From My Heart (Feat. Ian Moss) – [4:47]

06 Keep It To Myself (Feat. Tim Rogers) – [3:05]

07 I’m Together (Feat. Ella Hooper) – [3:43]

08 Soapbox Bitchin’ (Feat. Angry Anderson) – [2:51]

09 Don’t Cry (Feat. Joe Camilleri) – [4:05]

10 Hate Pill (Feat. Ross Wilson) – [3:33]

11 Covered in Blue (Feat. Angela Fabian) – [4:23]

12 There is A Road (Feat.Swanee) – [3:26]

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Nick O’Donnell [Make Music Not War]

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