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One of the world’s finest guitar builders Andy Allen retired today from his position at Maton guitars after 30 years of amazing service. Andy established the custom shop within the Maton Guitar Company in Melbourne, Australia. The company was created by Bill May back in 1946 along with the help of his brother Reg. Since that time, the company has built a respected reputation around the world for acoustic and electric guitars. While working as a luthier for the company, Andy saw the need to create custom guitars for those players seeking unique designs and special materials. At the time of a NAMM oral history interview ( WATCH IT HERE ) in 2017, Andy was closing in on his 1,000th guitar and has built a considerable number of instruments since.

Maton announced Andy’s retirement today on social media and it’s no surprise that it was met with both surprise and whole heap of praise from the industry both here and overseas. The Maton announcement read:

“Arguably one of the finest guitar builders in the world, Andy Allen retires today after 30 years of service at Maton Guitars.

He founded the Maton custom shop, was the builder of choice for many of the worlds most accomplished musicians and before Custom Shop was  part of the production team that built thousands of Maton guitars. The instruments he created are sought after globally by professional players, passionate hobbyists and collectors seeking a piece of Australian guitar building history.

An contribution that can not be over stated, a level of skill and craftsmanship that is recognised and celebrated through out our industry, his instruments are part of the story of so many musicians and the music that they make.

Thank you Andy.”

We echo Maton’s words by wishing Andy well in whatever road he decides to take into the future and thank him for his extensive service, skill and knowledge

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