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Redro at NinchFest. Photo by @michaelraymondhood

It’s been bugger of a year for health issues within our local music industry and it outlines how much we need to look after each other.

Perhaps you know Dave “Red, Redro, Redriguez” Whip? Singer, Guitar player, songwriter, and a live sound engineer that mixed 5000 bands at Cherry from 2009 to 2017. A recording engineer, and producer that recorded, and mixed records for Stiff Richards, Spawn, Watty Thompson and many others! You may have even seen him on stage fronting his fab band Redro Rodriguez and the Inner demons or you may have stood shoulder to shoulder with him at one of many shows he has attended in over 30 years of gigs.

Well the poor guy got diagnosed with cancer in March 2021 and has been working on getting rid of it ever since. Even though Red has been aided by our governments benevolent health system, he has been struggling with fatigue, and medications, and has had to lower his workload. Red also needs the help of natural therapies which medicare won’t pay for, and are also rather expensive.

This man that has contributed all he can to Melbourne music needs financial assistance to keep a roof over his head and to get healthy once again so that he can keep mixing, creating, and serving the artists, and punters of the great Port Phillip Bay music scene.

“If you know my very long term friend Dave “Redro” Whip (he mixed over 5 000 bands at Cherry Bar from 2009 to 2017 just for starters), then you’ll know he is worth bottling and saving,” said his mate and Cherry Bar owner James Young.

If you can help Dave (Redro) out, here’s the GoFund Me link that Patrick Donovan has kindly started

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