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mmwMelbourne Music Week (14-23 November) announced its full program today and to celebrate 10 amazing days of music, we bring you 10 good reasons why you should be involved in MMW.

1. New flagship venue. MMW transforms a unique Melbourne location with a custom-designed venue. This year it’s the Queen Victoria Market (QVM). Anything close to those Spanish doughnut vans has got to be a bonus.

2. Free lunch time gigs in the Lunchbox Series of gigs (where you can eat your Spanish doughnuts). Check out Sui et Sul’s Japanese post-punk bossa-nova melange, Amaya Laucirica, Gold Class, Holy Lotus and Peter Bibby.

3. Over 10 days with 110 events featuring 250 contributing artists in 40 locations across the city, made possible with the assistance of more than 60 event partners … gives us an opportunity to quote lots of numbers and sound really impressive!

4. Tangerine Freakin’ Dream!

5. Midnight Juggernauts. Been a while between Spanish doughnuts for these electro-popsters. Catch them at their only show for 2014, where they’ll bring their Sydney Vivid AERIALS vibe to Melbourne. Also features Kirin J Callinan let loose with a microphone in DJ mode, synth outfit Gloss, Lord Fascinator and Pelvis.

6. Face The Music, the annual music industry chat fest. Learn stuff, meet people. Network. Meet people who will tell you stuff. Hear speakers who will tell you to stuff that, do this. Steve Albini will speak. Tangerine Dream’s Edgar Froese will speak. Listen and learn.

7. Elevator Music! Nervous in elevators? Here’s just what you need .. unannounced guerilla gigs in skyscraper elevators across the city. Add the excitement, sound and colour of The Twoks to your terrifying lift ride!

8. The Age Music Victoria Awards. Sold out unfortunately but worth mentioning this prestigious public-voted music awards night which will induct Daddy Cool into its Hall of Fame. Hosted by Henry Wagons and featuring Russell Morris, Stonefield and a Davey Lane led tribute to Jim Keays.

9. Tram Sessions. Yes folks, it’s going to be difficult not to encounter a music performance going about your daily thing in Melbourne during MMW. There will not only be music in lifts, cafes and proper venues, but also trams. This year it’s the ultimate music party with the credo of, Hunt. Tram.Party. Party hard but ‘conduct yourself’ See what we did there!

10. Venues. Here’s your chance to experience some of the great world class Melbourne music venues and performance spaces such as Cherry Bar, Kelvin Club, Ding Dong Lounge, John Curtin Hotel, 1000 Pound Bend, Fed Square, Hi Fi Bar, 170 Russell, The Toff, and heaps more. Check out the website for the full program of artists and venues

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