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This time of year, it seems that everyone has a list. Tasmania’s favourite pie company National Pies has kicked off their Hottest Pie Hundred Competition featuring a playlist of 100 songs all about pies and the chance to win 100 National Pies and 100 Tassie Beers.

And no, they didn’t even have to get sneakily creative to find 100 pie songs, so don’t expect  Pie The Time I Get to Phoenix, Pie Sharona, or Live and Let Pie, there are actually 100 bonafide pie related tunes in this playlist, which you can listen to here.  Participants can enter the competition via the National Pies Instagram or Facebook pages where a link will be provided to vote for their favourite pie song.

The playlist ranges from classics such as Don McLean’s American Pie and Warrant’s Cherry Pie, to The Wiggles’ version of Neil Diamond’s Porcupine Pie and even includes Australian country music legend Rex Dallas’ Australian Hot Meat Pie.

From now until 19 January 2024, fans can listen to the playlist and vote for their favourite pie tune. The competition winner as well as the most popular pie song and artist will be announced on 23 January  2024, when National Pies will be celebrating National Pie Day.

This summer, whether you’re at the beach, driving to your favourite destination or having a backyard barbeque, be sure to listen to the National Pies Hottest Pie Hundred playlist and vote for your favourite pie tune for your chance to win.

Who will wear the Hottest Pie Hundred crown this year? Could it be Don McLean with his classic American Pie, or will The Wiggles claim the throne with their version of Neil Diamond’s Porcupine Pie?

This summer, crank up the Hottest Pie Hundred playlist on Spotify and vote for a favourite pie tune for the chance to win.

National Pies is celebrating National Pie Day on Tuesday 23 January, where 2024’s Hottest Pie Song and the winner of the competition will be announced at 10am AEST across all socials.

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