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Acclaimed First Nations singer-songwriter and respected elder, Kutcha Edwards has released his breathtaking new single titled Mother Tongue (available now) amidst a slew of live performances at key cultural events and headline concerts in Sydney (including stunning performance at last night’s VIVID), Melbourne, Darwin and regional New South Wales throughout June and July.

Including Emily Wurramara on backing vocals and Kutcha’s longtime friend Richard Pleasance co-producing, Mother Tongue was recorded by Chris Townend and Tim Kling in Tasmania at Mona’s Frying Pan Studios.

Mother Tongue is a universal song. It talks not only about Aboriginal languages but languages from all round the globe. As Kutcha explains, there’s a kaleidoscope of languages from all points, North, South, East, and West.

The proud Mutti Mutti songman and survivor of the Stolen Generations says,“The purpose is clear, through song you can provoke change”.

Journalist Nick Buckley attended Mona Foma in February for NME and was invited to observe some of the recording process. He documented the experience by saying, “Townend and his staff melt into supporting roles as Edwards records a spine-tingling refrain: djirrung, djirrung, djirrung”.

Kutcha explains that the chant’s meaning can’t be truly articulated or even exactly spelled in English, but likens it to a Buddhist meditative “OM” chant. He says, “Chanting ‘djirrung’ hopes to send you to that place in between the physicality that is yourself and a place of contentment.

“What it does is gives the listener the opportunity to partake in an Aboriginal song, so to speak. Then we’re all heading in one direction.”

And Mother Tongue does cast a spell on the listener.

Kutcha tells us about the experience that led him to write some of the lyrics for this song, saying, “I was sitting on a mountain top on Bunurong Country and the world was losing control. It was sometime between the third and fourth state pandemic lockdowns. As I looked across the hills and the ocean I could see and feel what’s been done to Country. I’m also the lived experience of what’s been done here.”

“I heard voices calling me from near and from afar. I knew I was surrounded by my ancestors. I knew who they were, and they gifted me, this song, Mother Tongue. The languages we hear are not just mine, they’re yours, they’re ours. English is a foreign language on this country, so when you hear this song, hear your Mother Tongue, sing your Mother Tongue, awaken your Mother Tongue… djirrung djirrung djirrung”.

Of his collaboration with (Warnindhilyagwa) woman Emily Wurramara, Kutcha reflects on the experience to NME: “It was so commanding because she was speaking in her own language. I turned to her brother … and he was in tears. I think we felt it more than we heard it”.

Chris Townend, the studio’s executive producer and engineer, remembers it too, and hopes it’s the first of many unforgettable moments to come at Frying Pan. “It was an incredibly emotional experience for me”, he says.

The beautiful Indigenous voices of Sue Ray and Jay Jerome also come in with backing vocals on Mother Tongue and the results are inspired.

Mother Tongue is the first new release from Kutcha since his significant album release Circling Time.

Mother Tongue is co-produced by Kutcha Edwards and Richard Pleasance. Recorded and mixed by Richard Pleasance at Elevated Brains Studio – Elevated Plains Victoria. Vocals, backing vocals and language were recorded at Frying Pan Studio at Mona, Tasmania, by Chris Townend and Tim Kling.

‘Mother Tongue’ available on all digital platforms through MGM
Kutcha  ‘Mother Tongue’ (Single)
UPC: 9324690369270
1 Mother Tongue (Radio Edit) – AUMGB2300421
2 Mother Tongue – AUMGB2300422
Apple ID:  1687910021
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18th June – Kutcha with the Melbourne Youth Orchestra – 5pm Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne VIC
23rd and 24th June – Songs for Peace Concert – Darwin NT
7th July – Sydney Opera House – theatre mode – 7pm  Sydney NSW
Head to for more info.

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