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Photos and coverage by Jason Rosewarne.

On May 14th Australian rock darlings You Am I released their 11th studio album, The Lives of Others. Last night at Fitzroy’s cosy late night venue The Night Cat, the band treated an enthusiastic gig-hungry Melbourne audience to two powerful sessions of rock n roll, featuring tracks from the new album.

During the later of the two shows, enigmatic frontman Tim Rogers said little between songs, perhaps conserving energy from already having performed a 90 minute show earlier in the evening, letting the music say it all. In fact the only time he spoke was to ask the venue to cut the air conditioning, suggesting it was too unrock’n’ roll.

Everyone is talking about The Waterboy, the new single from You Am I’s 11th studio album, The Lives of Others as yet another classic song for the band. The song was performed early in the night and went down a treat. It wasn’t so long ago that frontman Tim Rogers wondered if there would ever be another You Am I recording, let alone a great new album featuring many a strong song. Yes, The Waterboy is up there with Mr Rogers’ best but so too are plenty of other tracks on this album. DRB Hudson and Rosedale Reduction, performed tonight are also well constructed, movers and shakers. Add the songwriting strength of the band’s other scribe Davey Lane to the album mix and you have to think why anybody would ever doubt that this band has ample gas left in their recording and performing tank.

Finishing up with crowd faves Cathy’s Clown and Good Mornin’, You Am I proved that they’re still one of Australia’s greatest rock bands, not that they need to prove anything.

You Am I play The Cambridge, Newcastle on Friday, May 28 and The Concourse Chatswood on Saturday May 29

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