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Fearsomely funky, grippingly groovy and radiantly retro. The Soul Movers – the brainchild of ex-Wiggle, Murray Cook, and powerhouse vocalist, Lizzie Mack – are all of the above and so is their latest single, ‘Monkey!’.

Lifted from their forthcoming album Dumb Luck set for release on 1st September and following on from their previous single ‘Robot Girl’, ‘Monkey!’ is both a joyous bop and a force to reckoned with. The track opens with a snarling bass line, before expanding into a thumping band ensemble, driven by woolly synth. Firing on all cylinders from the first downbeat, it journeys through a menagerie of retro sounds.

‘Monkey!’ was inadvertently inspired by the much-loved legend, ex-Red Wiggle, Murray Cook. “Murray is ardently pursued by media outlets and OG Wiggles fans alike,” reveals frontwoman, Lizzie Mack. “Murray constantly gets asked to do Radio ID, selfies, podcasts etc and one day, driving in the band van, he said – I’m just a performing monkey.”

After that seemingly throwaway comment the ‘monkey’ became a long-running source of amusement for the band. “The band have had LOTS of fun with that one ever since. Even going up on stage – after you, Monkey man.”

Recorded by Stewart Geddes in Sydney’s world class Studios 301, the track features Cook on bass guitar. “Not many people know (maybe the OG Wiggles) that Murray likes to play guitar but it’s also a very well-kept secret that he is also the King of garage-pop style FUZZ Bass! The opening seconds of the Monkey! Are all about showing off Murray’s fuzz factor ten skills.”

“Their passion for all things groovy and retro beats loudly inside the members of The Soul Movers and as such they play the music with feeling, passion and a big, pulsating heart. In every way they celebrate its history and look forward to its ever-evolving future – a future that they themselves are part of” states Stuart Coupe – Author/Journalist/ Radio Broadcaster.

That passion is manifested not only in their music, but their videos too. “The video idea was as spur-of-the-moment as the song itself,” admits Mack. Featuring Mack and Cook in ‘Monkees’ suede fringe jackets, the video celebrates their passion for vintage fashion and culture.

Alongside the release of their new single, the Sydney five-piece can’t wait to hit the road. “The whole band are splitting their monkey suits to get back out on the road and watch the kids go BANANAS to Monkey!” With album launches in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Tassie, as well as a slew of pubs and festivals through NSW, fans will have every opportunity to see the grungy retro-pop outfit in full flight.

“You want a word to describe The Soul Movers? How about electric” shares Sean Sennett – ABC Radio. With their eclectic sounds and high energy performances, The Soul Movers are certainly an act worthy or your attention. The playful, ‘Monkey!’, is a glistening example of the band’s unique and captivating sound.


Friday 18th August – Leftys Music Hall – Brisbane, QLD

Friday 1st September – George Lane – St Kilda, VIC (w/ special guests Eastbound Buzz)

Saturday 2n September – Cherry Bar – Melbourne, VIC (w/ special guests The Miffs)

Saturday 9th September – The Great Club – Marrickville, NSW (w/ special guests The Sun Bears)

Friday 29th September – Hamilton Hotel – Newcastle, NSW

Saturday 30th September + Sunday 1st October – Old Bar Beach Festival, Old Bar – NSW

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd October – The KISS Arts Festival – Kiama, NSW

Friday 27th October – The Royal Oak – Launceston, TAS

Saturday 28th October – The Republic Bar – Hobart, TAS

Saturday 11th November – The Beach Club – Collaroy, NSW

Saturday 25th November – Beer Deluxe – Albury, NSW (+ DJ Murray Set)

Sunday 26th November – The Harmonie Club – Canberra, ACT (w/ special guests The Sunbears)

Saturday 9th December – Twin Towns – Coolangatta, QLD

Sunday 10th December – Shaw’s Bay – Ballina, NSW

Saturday 16th December – The Seaview – Woolgoolga, NSW

Sunday 17th December – The Hoey Moey – Coffs Harbour, NSW

**Tickets available via and on sale now**

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