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Posted in Artists, Interviews    //    Post Date - December 1, 2013

ESKIMO JOE Interview Contributed by Greg Phillips, Video Produced by James Phillips In September 2013, Australian pop rockers Eskimo Joe released Wastelands, their sixth album and one which presents a significant change for the band both musically and commercially. Greg Phillips tracked down Eskimo Joe’s Stuart Macleod and Joel Quartermain…

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Posted in Artists, Interviews    //    Post Date - June 1, 2013

STEVE STEVENS June 2013. By Greg Phillips Guitar ace Steve Stevens begins a four city guitar synth clinic tour for Roland on March 21, 2013 in Brisbane. He’s back a month later to play for us in Kings of Chaos at the Stone Festival in Sydney. Greg Phillips spoke to…

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Posted in Artists, Interviews    //    Post Date - April 1, 2013

At 69 years of age, American blues legend Johnny Winter has found a new lease on life, is consistently touring and working on a new studio album. Greg Phillips spoke to the guitar great. The atmosphere inside BB King’s Blues Club & Grill in New York City is as vibrant…

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Posted in Artists, Interviews    //    Post Date - March 30, 2013

As she prepares to deliver her debut album, Muso’s Greg Phillips spoke to Owl Eyes about the whole damn journey which resulted in Nightswim. Nightswim, the debut album for Owl Eyes, aka 22 year old songstress Brooke Addamo, is the sound of a quietly confident artist with a vision. It’s…

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