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606l JUPITER step-up trumpet

Posted in Brass, Wind, Gear    //    Post Date - December 6, 2015

606l  JUPITER step-up trumpet 606l  JUPITER step-up trumpet is the complete package for the intermediate student.  Replacing the 606ML, the upgraded 606L will take students as far as they want to go. Now features stainless steel pistons and attractive new style gig-bag case. It’s the perfect step-up instrument for students,…

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Posted in Brass, Wind, Gear    //    Post Date - December 6, 2015

567GL JUPITER student alto sax There is a reason why the 567GL has been awarded ‘Best Wind Instrument’ by UK Music industry twice; It plays and performs unlike any other model in this competitive price point. Recommended by Pros, Educators and Repairers,the 567GL is the model of choice, robust construction,…

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Posted in Brass, Wind, Gear    //    Post Date - July 26, 2015

Jupiter artist, Kris Reeder puts the Jupiter JSL-232L-FQ through its paces. The 232L is one of the newer Jupiter models which is becoming more popular than the JSL-432L, with very little difference other than the nickel plated outer slide, in comparison with the lacquered outer slide of the JSL-232L. The Jupiter…

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Posted in Brass, Wind, Gear    //    Post Date - June 8, 2015

The Jupiter 1100 Series saxophones are the next step for the advancing saxophonist. With professional mechanisms and Sona-Pure necks, the 1100 series saxophones are an excellent choice for all musical idioms. The 1100 series are available in two finishes, gold lacquer body with gold lacquer keys (1167GL Alto and 1187GL…

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Posted in Brass, Wind, Gear    //    Post Date - November 18, 2014

Tired of your kid’s instruments falling to pieces? Made by KHS (creators of Jupiter, Hohner, Mapex, Sonor, Hercules), Nuova is KHS’s answer to the flood of ‘cheap’ entry-level wind and brass instruments from China now being sold across Australia and online.

“We have done the comparisons and at the end of…

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Jupiter 2069GL 
XO SERIES Artistic Alto Saxophone

Posted in Brass, Wind, Gear    //    Post Date - March 30, 2011

March 2011. Guest Reviewer: 
Paul Williamson Information: Jupiter instruments, in my mind, have historically speaking, been aimed at the student and school band market. I have been aware of Jupiter student model horns over the years in teaching and school stage band situations. I always have found them to be a good solid horn, well built with good pitch and a consistent tone across the range. When we talk student horns we are thinking bright tone that will project and a horn that is easy to get sound over the full range of the instrument, especially in the lower end, low C through B and Bb. When the XO Jupiter 2069GL Artistic arrived by courier I was unsure about what to expect from the new top of the line Jupiter Pro series Alto. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the cardboard box and…

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