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Zenith Music in Perth have great pride in announcing that they are now the distributors of the quality range of Trevor James flutes, piccolos and saxophones for Australia and New Zealand.

Trevor James is a young and dynamic English flute company based in Lenham (UK) who have dedicated themselves to the design and manufacture of flutes since 1982. From their specialist flute workshops, they distribute the multi-award winning TJ concert, alto and bass flutes along with piccolos to distributors around the world and have over the years developed in to one of the most globally respected First flute, Conservatory (step-up) and Professional (Handmade) brands.


Of note in the Trevor James range is the 10xE, by far their most popular student flute. The mechanism is smooth, the tone is warm and rich and the headjoint is free blowing for the beginning player. Aside from this, a few other features that make this flute stand out from everything else include the triple plated finish (2 layers of silver and a flash layer of copper), silver lip and riser, pointed key arms, Japanese tubing and finishing and setup work completed by English technicians.

The designers at Trevor James Flutes believe that their corporate responsibility is to simply listen, ponder, sketch, design and create a Trevor James instrument that lets the player reach their true potential.  There really is nothing like finding the instrument that feels right.  The instrument that opens up new sounds, colours and textures is special!  Only one measurable is important when each and every flute leaves their Lenham (UK) workshops – the complete satisfaction of the musician!

Trevor James Saxophones are also based in Lenham (UK). From their Kent home, the first Trevor James saxophones were designed and then launched in to the UK and European music markets in the early 1990’s and have since developed in to one of the most globally respected marques in Student, Step-up and Professional horns. Their award winning models include the innovative Alphasax for the younger and smaller player, the TJ ‘Classic’, Horn ’88, ‘SR’ saxes and our professional Signature Custom horns.  They also build the  Limited Edition (only 100 will ever be made) Andy Sheppard ‘Autograph’ tenor.

Buying a musical instrument is very much personal choice and should be based around a connection when performing.  These passionate musical instrument manufacturers believe that musicians continue to choose a Trevor James instrument in the knowledge that it will enable their own ‘aspirations’ to be reached, and ultimately, make their lives ‘Sound Beautiful’.

For more information on Trevor James Flutes and saxophones, contact Zenith Music

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