Alex West,B Mus, has a bachelor’s degree in music performance from Southern Cross University. With more than 25 years experience as an educator and 1nstrumental teacher, he has been a pioneer in music for education, health, well being and aged care. His educational work was honoured by the National Australia Bank for the creation of an in-school program for Blairmount Public School. He designed an innovative cross cultural children’s music program “BOOM SNAP CLAP” that received the Schools First Award, culminating in a performance on national television.

In 2008 Alex founded Drum Stuff to offer workshops for disabilities, youth and aged care focusing on the facilitation of interactive recreational music programs. Alex expanded on his professional skills to study the HealthRHYTHMS evidence-based group empowerment drumming protocol. Training in the USA with Dr Barry Bittman, MD and Music Therapist Christine Stevens, MSW, MT.He is also a senior accredited facilitator of the evidence-based Australian DRUMBEAT Program.

His program  “HEARTBEATS”  has been highly regarded in Aged Care Australia. After three years of practice and research in the use of group drumming with aged care, Alex has received the Aged Care Better Practice Award for Innovation.


Renowned percussionist, Alex West takes patrons through a demonstration of the DRUMBEAT Program which is an evidence based social development program using music to engage and transfer social learning. In this session he will demonstrate how good Group Drumming is for Team Building and Stress Relief. This session will provide an insight how quickly and easily  you can rhythmically entrain people into a group using drums…regardless of prior experience! Another hands on opportunity at the SDPS – patrons will be invited to take part in the workshop. Bring your beats!

On Sunday Alex will host and facilitate a Drum Circle at 12.30 where everyone is welcome to participate.