Since releasing their 2013 EP “Like A Thief”, Brisbane-based five-piece Art of Sleeping have carved themselves a comfortable niche within the Australian music-loving community. The atmospheric rockers are set to take another leap forward with their new album ‘Shake Shiver’, a recording impressive for both the songs and the sounds surrounding them. Produced by Big Scary’s Tom Iansek and Yanto Browning and mixed by the much sought-after Swedish producer, Lasse Marten, ‘Shake Shiver’ takes on an even grander scale when played live, as witnessed by selected music media who were lucky to experience a preview performance of some of the tracks last week. Shake Shiver is out now.

Australian Musician took the opportunity to sit down with Art of Sleeping’s singer/guitarist Caleb Hodges and lead guitarist Patrick Silver for a chat while they were in town.

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