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Melbourne rockers Warbirds are gearing up for a massive summer, kicking it off with the release off their soaring rock ballad My Symphony, the second from their sophomore EP Control. Recorded at Coloursound Studios, and mixed and co-produced with Mat Robins, the powerful track is the perfect song to take the band into a busy touring season. They’ll be kicking it off with a co-headline full-on rock show in the heart of Melbourne this December, officially launching the video clip to My Symphony and showcasing their five-track Control EP and some previously unreleased material.

Ahead of the December video launch, guitarist Anth Nekich answered a little Q&A for us.

What was your first guitar?
Valencia nylon string and ‘93 Japanese Squire Strat Floyd Rose series, I still have the Strat now.

What was your first band t-shirt?
Van Halen F.U.C.K & OU812 album t-shirts.

A record that changed your life?
Van Halen 1 along with pretty much the rest of the catalogue.

What’s your main guitar now?
Duesenberg Starplayer Special and Ritchie Kotzen signature Telecaster. I recently acquired a ‘94 Ernie Ball Music Man EVH sig (bucket list guitar) which is pretty much my no. 1 at the moment.

Through what amp and why?
EVH 100W head with 2×12 and 1×12 cabs. I love the versatility of the amp, 3 channels with plenty of clarity and presence and a tonne of gain on tap. The amp was actually imported from the states before they were released here, might possibly have the first one in the country. I’m actually about to invest in a Victory V30 head, I love the sound of them along with the portability, it’s nearly 20kg lighter compared to the EVH!

Which pedals are your standards?
I recently downsized and invested in a few micro pedals, they sound great incluidng an Ibanez tube screamer and Analogue Delay, T.C Electronic flash back delay. I have had a Phase 90, Menatone Red Snapper O/D and a Neunaber Stereo Chorus on my board for ages, nothing too crazy.

What gigs have you been playing lately?
We have been pretty quiet leading up to our music video release gig at the Workers Club in Fitzroy.
We played a few shows though at the Workers Club in Geelong which was great, The Bending Hotel and also the Reverence Hotel.

Most memorable gig?
Playing a couple of packed nights at Cherry with WARBIRDS and a Pearl Jam tribute I was a involved in was fun. Also opened for the Screaming Jets back in the day at the Westend in Sunshine to about 500 bikies, that was memorable!

Worst stage nightmare?
I honestly don’t have any nightmares, yet!

What gigs are coming up in the next few months?
We have our My Symphony music video release gig at The Workers Club in Fitzroy on Sat Dec 8th and the last chance R’n’R bar Dec 30th for this year. We have more shows in the pipeline early next year.

A guitar tip for the kids?
Practice your ass off, play what you love and be yourself!

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