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Four years after the release of his acclaimed ‘Into the Bloodstream’ record, celebrated Australian singer, songwriter Archie Roach releases his 10th album, ‘Let Love Rule’ on November 11, 2016. “Love in all its glorious incarnations is the basis for this album,” writes Archie in the liner notes.

The album sees Archie reunited with producer Craig Pilkington, who worked with him on ‘Into the Bloodstream’.  A core group of musicians – Steve Hadley (bass), Dave Folley (drums), Bruce Haymes (piano) and Jen Anderson (violin)- assembled in the studio to help put the songs together. Others added their talents to the recording, including Barb Waters, Tim Neal, Matt Walker, Steve Hesketh and legendary Argentine charango player, Jaime Torres on “Love Sweet Love,” which features the deep soul tones of acclaimed vocalist Emma Donovan. Also in the studio with Emma providing backing vocals was singer/songwriter Nancy Bates, a regular member of Archie’s touring band.  Additionally, the album features two choirs; Deborah Cheetham’s Dhungala Children’s Choir and the Short Black Opera choir (around 40 voices in all) who contribute a moving and uplifting addition to the title track “Let Love Rule” and to “No More Bleeding”.

Australian Musician’s Greg Phillips sat down with Archie and album producer Craig Pilkington to discuss the making of the record.

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