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Introspective and reflective, Dawson (Angus Dawson) returns with a compelling new double single featuring the heartfelt track ‘Will You See Me Now?’ and the mesmerizing b-side ‘Hovea’.

Both songs showcase Dawson’s immense talent for blending experimental electronic production with pop sensibilities, creating a powerful and accessible sound that is uniquely his own. Set against ambient electronic arrangements, his music strikes a perfect balance between the honest rawness of indie-folk and the unrestrained palette that electronic production offers, resulting in unmistakably textural, layered, delicate, and emotive compositions.

Having released three EPs and an album since 2017, Dawson’s extensive career has earned him support from acclaimed platforms such as Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, Red Bull, FBI Radio, Scenestr, Pilerats, Xpress Mag, Milky, Forte Mag, The AU Review, Acid Stag and more.

With singles like ‘Ocean In The Sky’ nearing three million collective streams, ‘Battles’ reaching 1.5 million collective streams, and ‘What We’ve Done’ and ‘Listen’ amassing approximately 500k collective streams, Dawson’s stunning soundscapes continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

Throughout his journey, Dawson has shared the stage with an impressive array of artists, supporting the likes of Broods, Emma Louise, Vera Blue, Japanese Wallpaper, Asta, Thelma Plum, Bob Moses, Andy Bull, Wafia, Boo Seeka, as well as undertaking two of his own national tours.

‘Will You See Me Now?’ is a powerful testament to Dawson’s songwriting prowess. The track blends experimental electronic production with pop sensibilities, creating a distinct and unforgettable track that stands on its own. Pulsing with emotion, the song features a dynamic fusion of electro-acoustic elements, including spacious electric guitar, deep synths, and dynamic percussion, all seamlessly intertwining with Dawson’s passionate vocal delivery. The fervent chorus unleashes Dawson’s candid plea while the track bursts with a breakbeat-like rhythm and a captivating collision of instrumentation, evoking a relinquishing atmosphere.

Dawson shares his personal insights, stating, “Will you see me now? is a song about giving someone a second chance when you probably shouldn’t have. The entire song was written and recorded in a day where everything just seemed to work. For me, this song is a continuation of my attempt at being as unwaveringly honest in my writing as I can possibly be.”

Accompanying the single is the enchanting b-side ‘Hovea’, an ambient and introspective instrumental track that begins with powerful reverberated cries, motivating spoken samples, and a gently picked guitar riff. The song then crescendos into a confident and inspiring chorus, creating a celestial-like soundscape that feels like it’s parting seas and breaking through the clouds.

‘Will You See Me Now?’ and ‘Hovea’ has Dawson bearing all with a genuine and unyielding approach to his craft. The dual release was launched on all streaming platforms on Friday, August 11.

In celebration of the release of Dawson’s new music, we threw a dozen questions at him about his music

1 What was the spark which lit your flame for music?
My older brother started playing guitar and I think I started playing just because he did, in that one-up competitive sibling type way.

2 What was the first music you purchased?
It’s so beautifully shameful, but I think Limp Bizkit’s Chocolate Starfish and Hot Dog Flavoured Water. So awful, so great.

3 What are the main tools you use in your music making?
My guitar and my piano. I use these these to draft ideas that I record into my phone. I’m trying to move away from the computer until later in the process.

4 What was your first band t-shirt?
Birds of Tokyo, Perth represent!

5 A record that changed your life?
Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago

6 What’s your latest recording ?
I dreamt a song the other night. I woke up with this unbelievable song in my head and it took me about ten minutes before I realised that my subconscious write it. I’m sure it’s not that good in retrospect but cool nonetheless.

7 Most fun support gig so far?
It’s been a while but I supported Broods on probably the biggest stage I’ve played which was very fun.

8 What’s on your gear wish list?

So many things, a Mellotron, a Rhodes, some new mic’s but to be fair I think I have everything I need for now.

9 What would you like your music career to look like in 5 years time?
To be honest, exactly where I am now and maybe a few gigs thrown in. I just want to keep making music I enjoy and eventually share it with others who might enjoy it also.

10 What would be your dream collaboration?
James Blake, Dijon, Bon Iver, Frank Ocean

11 What would you consider to be your greatest musical achievement to date?
Having people tell me that something I made had a positive impact on their life, pretty unbeatable.

12 What gigs are coming up in the next few months?
Nil! About time to book one in, I think I’m ready for the comeback tour.

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