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Manorism, the indie dream pop outfit hailing from Melbourne (Naarm), introduces their latest single, ‘Sober’. This stirring single out which is available now, offers up a melancholic yet euphoric sonic experience that delves deep into the realm of relationships and emotions.

Manorism’s journey has been marked by significant accomplishments, as they’ve carved their place in Melbourne’s coveted underground scene with a number of singles and an EP under their belts. As a collective of first and second-generation immigrants, a shared story of self-discovery defines their songwriting with influences spanning from early 2000s punk to the 2010s indie rock new wave revival, ultimately making their music a diverse palette of sounds and emotions.

Known for this introspective artistry and rich sonic approach, ‘Sober’ encapsulates the bittersweet journey of a relationship’s end that’s a mixed bag of heartbreak and hope. Frontman Shantanu Joshi sums up the themes behind ‘Sober’:

“Sober is about the release of emotions, particularly how freeing it can be when gaining clarity in the aftermath of a difficult relationship. In the context of the song, sobriety is about waking up from an emotional whirlwind.”

Bursting with shimmering guitars wrapped in reverb, accompanied by laidback drums, ethereal synths, and the soothing vocals of frontman Shantanu, ‘Sober’ has emotions running high. At times feeling vibrant and hopeful, it is a reflection on the past as it embraces the future with open arms. The intense fusion of melancholy and euphoria is induced with layers of guitars and synths, creating a lush instrumental crescendo during the extended outro.

To celebrate the release of their single ‘Sober’, Manorism’s Shantanu ponders a dozen questions we threw his way recently.

1 What was the spark which lit your flame for music?
We all grew up in the deep south eastern suburbs. Consequently, there wasn’t much to do out that way growing up. We definitely started playing music as a consequence of boredom (and probably to impress our highschool crushes). It definitely took a life of its own after that.

2 What was the first music you purchased?
Wolfmother – Wolfmother. What an album, right? I would religiously run home from school everyday and play it on our hifi system from start to finish with my sister.

3 What are the main tools you use in your music making?
I think all of our basic ideas stem from a simple acoustic chord progression and develop into the full band from there. More recently, we’ve delved deep into self-production so have become very familiar with Logic Pro. It’s a great tool, and really great for getting ideas down fast.

4 What was your first band t-shirt?
Probably a t-shirt of The Living End on their White Noise tour way back in 2007/2008. Loved and still love TLE – a classic Australian band with arguably the best guitarist (Chris Cheney) from Australia in the last few decades.

5 A record that changed your life?
Lost In The Dream by The War On Drugs. This record became a north star for me when it came out almost ten years ago. I always struggled to find my sound and voice in guitar music. I did everything growing up—punk, pop punk, metalcore, jazz, blues, pop—but nothing fit perfectly. I remember hearing Red Eyes on the radio for the first time while driving my old Hyundai Excel around the suburbs when I was 19. This record paved the way for guitar music for a new generation when everyone thought rock was dead. The songs are timeless and instant classics, and the production still has me finding different layers on each listen. I guess I resonated with this record, especially as it came from a place of introversion and overthinking, which I struggle with and relate to deeply. I want Under the Pressure to be played at my funeral (followed by Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me).

6 What’s your latest recording ?
We’ve just finished recording our debut record with Malcolm Besley (Northeast Party House) and it’s been a ride! Very excited for more tracks to come out from it in addition to our latest single, ‘Sober.’

7 Most fun support gig so far?
Probably supporting Guthrie at the Leadbeater. What a great local act and really know how to throw a dynamic show.

8 What’s on your gear wish list?
A Space Echo by Roland! If we had the money… no hesitation.

9 What would you like your music career to look like in 5 years time?
It would great to see us on a few more festival bills and see us touring a bit more! We try to keep it fun so we’re not too worried about where it all leads but whatever comes is a bonus for us just playing music and expressing ourselves.

10 What would be your dream collaboration?
Working with Adam Granduciel of the War on Drugs on a record would be the dream. Let’s make it happen!

11 What would you consider to be your greatest musical achievement to date?
Although playing at Beyond the Valley in 2019 on the mainstage was a treat, our latest hometown show at the Gasometer Hotel was a highlight. Our biggest show to date, just a great time all around.

12 What gigs are coming up in the next few months?
We’re currently organising our first tour (for early 2024)! So that’s all in the works at the moment – watch this space.

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