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When he’s not driving the backbeat or serving six string duties for some of Melbourne’s best alt-country ensembles, drummer, multi-instrumentalist and former butcher Patrick Wilson is busy crafting his own brand of authentic electrified country rock ‘n’ roll.

On his debut long-playing release “It’ll Be Alright”, the deep feeling writer steps into the spotlight with a collection of tunes that showcase his sweet tenor and keen songcraft.  Wilson’s advanced ear for melody, his understanding of the heritage of the country inspired form and his access to players that bring an authentic and deft swagger to the material are the foundations to this impressive and assured debut release.

To learn a little more about Patrick Wilson, Australian Musician threw a few questions his way.

1. What was the spark which lit your flame for music?
I have always been surrounded by music growing up, with Mum and Dad playing Jackson Browne and Bruce Springsteen on high rotation in the car but it was after I played my cousin’s drum kit as an 11 year old that something clicked and I knew I wanted to learn the drums much to my parents’ delight.

2. What was the first music you purchased with your own money?
I remember buying a CD single of Feel Good inc by the Gorillaz for $5 from Kmart in about 2005. I loved that song so much and played the hell out of that single.

3. Tell us about your main guitar. What is it? Is there a nostalgic story behind its purchase?
My main guitar that I play live and record with is a Morris dreadnought style acoustic from around 1980. I purchased this from renowned guitarist and dear friend Tommy Brooks when we were living together in 2018 after he had beautifully modified it to be a backup for his Martin D18. He introduced me to bluegrass around this time and we would sit on the couch after work and we’d sing all these traditional country and bluegrass songs, after playing it for so long I begged him to buy it and eventually he gave in.

4. What was your first band t-shirt?
I think it would have been one from The Who because I was obsessed with the drummer Keith Moon and was very into the Mod culture as a teen. 

5. A record that changed your life?
The first record that comes to mind that has really influenced and changed my perspective on songwriting and song craft is Astral Weeks by Van Morrison. After hearing the complex instrumentation with poetic lyrics as well as Vans sharp vocal delivery my outlook was transformed.

6. Tell us about your new album, who’s on it, what inspired it?
My new record has been a labor of love for a few years now. I was set to release it in 2020 but that didn’t exactly work out so after having the time to sit back and contemplate the big questions I ended up writing and recording more songs which in hindsight was a blessing.
I feel the entire album is self-reflective, and an honest exploration into the grieving process associated with the ending of relationships and the coping mechanisms within that.

7. What would be your worst stage nightmare?
I always have this fear when I’m on stage that my fly is undone, I always think about it when I’m already on stage and there is no subtle way to check your crotch in front of a crowd of people.  

8. What’s on your gear wish list?
I’m not much of a gear nut to be honest, if it sounds good it is good. But if I could have one thing I’d love some pyrotechnics on a stage one day.

9. What would you like your music career to look like in 5 years time?
I’d like to be overseas writing and touring, my dream would be to be able to do that comfortably for a living.

10. What would be your dream collaboration?
I’d love to sing/write something with Dolly Parton. I’m reaching for the stars here but never say never.

11. What gigs are coming up in the next few months?
15th October – Lulie Tavern – Abbotsford, Melbourne
28th October – Barton Fink – Thornbury, Melbourne
5th November – Lightning and Rhinestones festival – Hepburn Springs
23rd November – Old Bar (Album Launch) – Fitzroy, Melbourne

It’s not often that audiences witness an artist whose output is so grounded, personable, and heartrendingly honest. As it happens, there’s a distinct warmth and benevolence sewn deep within the lining of Wilson’s craft. We’ve seen it with the likes of Marlon Williams, Kacey Musgraves and Roy Orbison, all stars in their own right, but it’s in Patrick Wilson that this unique class of alternative, old-time Americana finds its true north.

Wilson’s rich, even-flowing voice tempts light to even the darkest corners of rooms and implores us, above all, to place trust in the hands of its owner. Make no mistake: Patrick Wilson is a man of his word.

A true musician of the rarest skill, he remains in demand as a drummer and long-time guitarist for a conglomeration of Australian acts including Fanny Lumsden, Henry Wagons Georgia State Line, Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes, Ben Mastwyk and his Millions and many more.Wilson has – in newfound resonance supported The Bellamy Brothers (USA), Australian country heavyweight Bill Chambers (Dead Ringer Band),and has travelled internationally playing shows alongside James Ellis and the Jealous Guys.Appearing onstage at some of Australia’s best festivals on offer including The Tamworth Country Music Festival, Deni Ute Muster, Gympie Music Muster, Falls festival.

Patrick Wilson’s Debut LP It’ll Be Alright is out through Cheersquad Records and Tapes now

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