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Ian Aust Guitar 03_012-2When Powderfinger agreed to take on the guest edit role, one of the band’s first requests was for us to seek some questions from their fans. Here’s a selection answered by guitarist Ian Haug.

What was your worst gig ever and why was it so bad? Samuel, Como, WA
We always joke about a particularly shit gig at the Barwon Club in Geelong in the early days. We drove forever to get there, and there was literally only us in the room, but we still had to play. A similar thing happened in Canada, but at least our lighting guy Baz got drunk and wanted to get up and play.That was funny actually.

What were some of the album names you rejected? Kerry, Campbelltown, NSW
I can’t tell you that. We may want to use them still. Okay… ‘Pinot Cruise’ wasn’t so good. Neither was ‘Noino’ (reverse onion).

On tour, who is neatest and grubbiest in band? Jessie, Kilmore, VIC
Well thankfully we don’t share rooms anymore. We are all probably equally neat except for the one grub. DZ. Bloody hippy!

Most Australian bands have a longevity of 1-3 albums. You guys have really lasted a long time for a local group. How much thought is given to the future. Is there a five year plan? Chris -Seddon, VIC

We have never really planned that far ahead. We aim to complete something, whether it be album, tour whatever, and then see what happens after that. Perhaps after this touring cycle I will start harvesting Yak milk, and making cheese. This obviously would involve taking a break from the band. I can’t really speak for the others. I reckon we have lasted so long because we don’t set unrealistic goals. We do our best, and that’s all we can do.

Are you all pretty much into the same sort of music? Listen to same albums? Sharon-Greensborough, VIC
Nope. We all listen to very different stuff. There are some common threads..Bowie… Stones… Zeppelin … But it’s all pretty varied really.

Which song do you guys least like playing?
Brad, Petrie, QLD
At the moment … Probably my least fave is .. lmknjbhilvl … Shit the keyboard won’t let me type it!

What do you remember most about the 3 gigs in
3 cities day? Sally, Browns Plains, QLD
Thinking that we really should have organised some way for people to be able to hear it a bit better, but then deciding that it’s okay, coz it made everyone be fairly quiet. I guess this is why we didn’t get arrested.

Who has the freakiest interests?
Louise, Aireys Inlet, VIC
Cogs. You really don’t want to hear about them. You will have nightmares. Let’s just say that they involve the branches that stick out of pine trees.

What music do you play in the tour van?
Gretchen, Guildford, NSW
Perhaps a demo CD  that someone has passed onto us, or someone plays DJ on their ipod. It’s fun to try and find songs that you haven’t heard for a long time.

My mum and my aunty like your music. Not sure how I feel about them liking my favourite band. Does it make you feel icky and want to run and take a shower? I do. Crystal, Ballina, NSW
I know what you mean. I used to always think that if my parents actually liked the music I was making, that I must be doing something wrong. I have come to the realisation, that my parents are actually pretty cool. So it’s okay. I  reckon that must be the case with your mum and aunty. Send them along to the next show … And we will make sure we are really loud, and that will test them.

Do you guys have any deals with instrument companies? What are you all using at the moment? Sid, Fyshwick, ACT
Not really. We may get discounts for some things, as we go through so many supplies, but for big ticket items we have no real sole use deals.

If a train is travelling at 22mph, and a car is travelling at 89mph, how long will it be until the car catches up with the train if the train left 4 hrs before the car did? Smartarse, Bega, NSW
1.31 hours (AM editor … who are we to argue!)

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