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Sydney-based hard-rockers Bad Moon Born have recently released their 5th and final single of their The Heart From The Hollow collection. ‘Light Leaves the Day’ displays another shade to the band’s palette, offering an acoustic-based ballad, which may be lighter in tone but deeper in theme. The song’s topic and honest lyrics shine a light on Jordan Von Grae’s (Vocalist/Lyricist) personal struggles with addiction whilst highlighting his journey to sobriety.

Since first appearing in 2016 with their debut EP Chemical Lullabies, the band has continued to develop their sound, merging their influences into a brand that they can proudly call their own.

By investing in studio equipment, combined with a  fierce DIY mentality and a healthy thirst for knowledge, the band’s guitarist/producer Voya  has been able to finally achieve the sonic vision that’s been sitting in his head all along. It’s an epic production aesthetic featuring multi-layered vocals, huge drums and bass sounds, mixing brutality with beauty, melody with mayhem. Bad Moon Born have done the hard yards and are now at the stage where they’re finally ready to set sail on their voyage of creating a debut album, packed full of world class songs and sounds.

Australian Musician Editor Greg Phillips caught up with Bad Moon Born singer Jordan Von Grae and guitarist/producer Voya Milutinovic to chat about the band, the new single and the commencement of work on their debut album, scheduled for release by the end of 2022.

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