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The Teskeys perform at Bluesfest 2022. Pic by Jason Rosewarne

Interview: Greg Phillips. Photos: Jason Rosewarne

Living on the outskirts of Melbourne’s leafy north, The Teskey Brothers was a name which often popped up in my social circles. Someone had either seen them play at a house party or some local gig and all sung the praises of this wonderful four piece blues, soul outfit. If the phrase ‘organic growth’ deserves to be applied to any band, it’s The Teskey Brothers. Fast forward to 2022 and The Teskeys have now developed a large and loyal fanbase worldwide. Honouring that old school Motown sound and working it into something of their very own, the band have received widespread acclaim for their recordings and live performances. As we discussed in our Bluesfest interview with bass player Brendon Love and drummer Liam Gough, over the last couple of years all of the cool American TV hosts were keen to present The Teskeys on their shows. Additionally in 2020, Sam Teskey and band producer Paul Butler were nominated for a Grammy Award for engineering. The Teskeys’ American star was certainly rising. Unfortunately covid put a dent in the momentum they were gaining but the guys tells us they hope to return to America in June to pick up where they left off.

Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips sat down for a chat with The Teskey Brothers’ Brendon Love and Liam Gough backstage on the final day of Bluesfest, where they were due to perform on the Mojo tent stage later that night.

Production note (for the audio police out there): Unfortunately our main microphone line failed during the interview and we were left with the on-camera audio only. We thank our producer friend Sean O’Sullivan at Highway 9 Productions, who did his best to tweak as much bleed noise out of the file as possible. However it was a very noisey scenario backstage at Bluesfest.

The Teskey Brothers are:
Josh Teskey – vocals & rhythm guitar
Sam Teskey – lead guitar
Brendan Love – bass guitar
Liam Gough – drums

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