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Bob Spencer is best known for his legendary rock ’n’ roll guitar tones in bands such as, Finch, The Angels, Skyhooks and currently Rose Tattoo.  He is an ARIA Hall Of Fame member, has had multi gold and platinum records in his career including, The Angels only No.1 album ‘Beyond Salvation’.  Bob is a mentor, music coach and all round guitarist-extraordinaire.

It’s been a long time coming but Bob Spencer has finally decided to bite the bullet and release his debut solo album, the crowd-funded Saints and Murderers. In a career spanning over forty years, it’s the first time Bob has taken to the microphone on lead vocals.  The first single from the upcoming album, ‘Who Are These People’, instantly received airplay around the country and media support.  Now, Bob has now released the second single from ‘Saints + Murderers’,  ‘I Can’t Do That, My Wife Will Kill Me’.  In the rock/pop vein, it’s a tongue in cheek, fun track with a great video to portray the message visually.

With the album now in the can and available to the public, Bob Spencer sat down with Australian Musician’s Greg Phillips to discuss the Saints and Murderers journey.

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