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koniac1“It’s like a metaphorical net that you might get stuck or entangled with but you don’t and everything happens for a reason,” explains David Abraham of the origins of the name of his band, The Koniac Net. “When you are given two paths in life, metaphorical paths. You choose path A but you get stuck with path B. You’re thinking why are you not giving me the proper path kind of thing. Later on in life, you realise that the path you were forced to take ended up being the better path, a better choice.”

The Koniac Net is an indie rock band based in Mumbai India, which began as a solo project for singer, songwriter Abraham. His first album ‘One Last Monsoon’ was written and recorded in his bedroom with David playing all instruments bar the drums, although he wrote the drum parts. In 2012 he formed a band with some local musicians in order to take The Koniac Net’s music to the stage. The debut album gained airplay on over 100 radio stations across 29 countries. A follow up EP, Abiogenesis involved all five members in the writing process. Currently the band is on a tour of Hard Rock Cafes around India as part of their runner-up prize in the cafe’s  International Hard Rock Rising contest.
After several attempts to conquer Mumbai’s regular internet dropouts, Australian Musician’s Greg Phillips finally caught up with David Abraham via Skype to find out more about THE KONIAC NET and the Indian indie rock scene. Check out the video interview below.

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