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The Southern River Band has been gaining much attention and growing its fanbase accordingly thanks to their endless on-stage energy and the antics of electric frontman Cal Kramer. They’ve recently released an epic single titled “Chimney”, the tantalising preview of their upcoming second album Rumour and Innuendo due in August 2019. Produced by Dan Carroll and recorded at RADA Studios “Chimney” is a relentless white-hot boogie that doesn’t let up, a touchstone for the style of take no prisoners, high-octane, rock ‘n’ roll that The Southern River Band have steadily developed a word of mouth reputation for. With huge riffs, breakneck licks and shake your hips grooves that make you feel thirsty just listening, “Chimney” is sure to bring the fire and continue SRB’s rapid rise into the national consciousness.

With enough cocky, smart-arsery to rival Steel Panther or Motley Crue on their dirtiest day, The Southern River Band’s Cal Kramer picks up our guitarist Q&A and in Hendrix-like fashion, takes a match to it and rips it to shreds.

What was your first guitar?
G’day internet! It was a light brown one with 6 strings.

What’s your main guitar now?
A white one, still with 6 strings.

Through what amp?
A big one, a real big one.

Are you big on pedals? If so what’s in your board?
After all poor Schapelle went through, I keep nothing in my board.

Other guitarists you admire?
Malcolm Young, Eddie Van Halen, Dan Carroll, Jimmy Shaddy, John Bosely &
Stevie Ray Vaughan. Not a single player more.

What’s your latest recording and when will you be back in the studio?
Our new single is called Chimney, and it’ll blow your tits clean off. We’ll be back
in if we can ever afford it.

Most memorable gig?
I personally haven’t been able to remember a gig since 2014, so i’ll go with
every single one of them since then.

Worst stage nightmare?
A meteor hitting the earth and wiping out civilization as we know it.

Album that changed your life?
WWF The Music: Anthology

What are you most proud of musically?
Drumming for the South Thornlie Primary School Choir with my Mum.

What’s the grand plan?
If I told you, I’d have to…

A guitar tip for the kids?
Be a drummer.

The Southern River Band single “Chimney” is out now

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