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Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips sat down for an in-depth zoom chat with singer, songwriter and producer Chris Doheny to talk career highlights and discuss the multitude of new releases coming out on Chris’ Diamond Dog Records label soon.

The music world is littered with artists who have been chewed up and spat out just as quickly to make way for the so-called next big thing. When someone has survived and prospered in the international music business for more than four decades, you need to sit up, take notice and ask why. Melbourne-based independent, singer, songwriter and producer Chris Doheny is one such artist.

As lead singer and songwriter in 80s Australian pop rock group Geisha, Chris and the band released numerous hit singles such as ‘Fools Way’, ‘Rainy Day’, and ‘Kabuki’. Touring nationally and appearing on the ABC’s Countdown regularly, Geisha became one of Australia’s fave bands of the time.

Coming from a musical family, Chris had been a trained musician since childhood, so that life skill was never going away and rather than just resting on the Geisha laurels, he sought to further develop his production and songwriting skills, branching out into other projects. Post-Geisha, Chris was often called upon to write for other established artists and also found himself working on high-profile television soundtracks.

In 1994, Chris’ next major step back into the spotlight came with Channel Nine’s The Footy Show, when he was asked to record the iconic theme song More Than A Game, an unexpected hit for Doheny.

Chris released another solo single in 1997 entitled “Can You Hear The Rain” and was also commissioned to work with Working Dog Productions on the Australian comedy feature film “The Castle”.

Chris Doheny has continued to have many irons in the fire and that, along with his sheer talent has been key to his longevity. For instance,  Chris and musician Shaun Gardener write and record together as Slow Release Syndrome. Along with producer David Briggs and DJ Steve Strange, the trio work as Demolition Crew, a fully-fledged studio project set to release a series of records with guest vocalists. As you’ll see in our career retrospective video interview with Chris, there’s even a vague recording connection to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Go figure!

Chris continues to work live (when pandemics aren’t an issue) and often teams up with fellow 80s musicians such as Scott Carne (Kids in The Kitchen), Steve Williams (Wa Wa Nee), Brian Mannix (Uncanny X-Men), Sean Kelly (Models), Dale Ryder (Boom Crash Opera), David Sterry (Real Life), Ally Fowler + Eva Von Bibra (Chantoozies), and Paul Norton,  to perform classic songs from the era.

However, Chris’ main focus at the moment is his label Diamond Dog Records and the music that he’s releasing in 2020, which includes;

– Chris Doheny Discography Vol 1, 2 and 3 with Vol 4

– Chris Doheny Discography Vol 5 scheduled for late January 2021 and Vol 6 March 2021

– Doheny 2 a collection of live performances of classic songs recorded in the 1990’s

– Geisha Dance Mixes 1985-88

– Johnny Trutone Live at the Lager Bar Album

– Johnny Trutone single F You

And in breaking news, there will also be a Christmas single next week which is a reworking of Do They Know It’s Christmas, with an opening narration by Molly Meldrum.

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