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Clio Renner is a Melbourne born keyboard player, vocalist and songwriter who has earned the reputation as the go-to session player for a wide variety of Australian music luminaries, including Tim Rogers, Bob Evans, Alex Lahey, Killing Heidi, Deborah Conway, Olympia, Angus & Julia Stone and more recently, Wilsn and David M Western.

Clio is also a regular in the house band for the much-loved music TV show ‘RocKwiz’. Additionally, Clio plays with the ‘Countdown’ band, featuring in the ABC’s New Year’s Eve concert broadcasts at the Sydney Opera House.

In 2016, Clio was appointed Musical Director for the ‘Her Sound, Her Story’ concert, which later evolved into a “comprehensive and captivating documentary”. Her directing role continued into 2017 when she was appointed MD for The Age Music Victoria house band.

In 2018 Clio dedicated time to her own music, releasing her first EP Something Left to Leave Behind and emerged as a solo artist of note. The record received a 4-star rating from Forte magazine, and she was subsequently named Indie Artist of the Week by the Australian Independent Record Labels Association. In 2020 Clio released her debut album Nothing Breaks, Nothing Mends and further cemented her name as a quality songwriter and musician. Clio is currently working on her second album, which is due for completion by July 2024.

Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips caught up with the multi-talented Clio Renner at her Melbourne music studio to chat about her career, gear and upcoming album as our Musician of the Month for February. Photos and video assistance by Jason Rosewarne.

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