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Melbourne based quartet, Crying Sirens began life in 2007, pieced together by members of four different local touring bands. An EP was recorded in early 2009 with noted local producer Jimi Maroudas but only gave a hint of the passionate and hard rockin’ intensity which would be unveiled in their soon to be launched 2016 debut album Atsu. There’s a compelling swagger and purpose to Crying Sirens’ panoramic wall of chords which radiates the spirit of Husker Du and Bob Mould’s other magnificent project, Sugar. The post-punk power of tracks such as Sometimes, Vitamins or Tiger By the Tail not only display the band’s ability to rock out with the best of them but delivers a hefty dose of songwriting substance too. This is most evident in Descend, the band’s dynamic first single from the album. Atsu is to be experienced loud or not at all.

In this two part video interview, Australian Musician’s Greg Phillips sat down with Crying Sirens’ Jesse Delaney (guitar/vocals), Adam Kurzel (guitar) and Greg Limberis (drums), who competed with a busy Templestowe Hotel ‘ambience’ to discuss the creation of their album Atsu.

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