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Band ShotMelbourne based alt-country rockers Low Rent started out humbly as a trio in 2007. They have since developed into a six-piece, multi-instrumental, country collective, gathering an ever-increasing following.  The band has just released their 3rd EP, ‘Grace Radio’. Singer-songwriter Dan Swan does the Q&A thing with Australian Musician.

What was your first guitar?
A Samick hot red child size electric guitar. I never plugged it into an amplifier because I upgraded to a full size Epiphone soon after.

What’s your main guitar now?
Depending on the tune it changes but I will usually pick up my 1981 Maton CW when I’m writing.

Through what amp and why?
I love the Fender Twin because it has a clean tone that melts in your ears. Delicious.

Which pedals are your standards?
Electro Harmonix freeze sound retainer, Line 6 Delay, Boss tremelo, Fulltone Wah & Boss Fender Deluxe for a bit of simulated dirt.

 What’s your latest recording and when will you be back in the studio?
The ‘Grace Radio’ EP was the last recording. I have been doing new demos in my home studio and plan to be back in full recording mode by December.

 What gigs have you been playing lately?
My group Low Rent just did a small tour of Melbourne including the Mt Dandenong Hotel, The Reverence Hotel and The Laundry Bar.

Most memorable gig?
Opening for Ross Wilson at the Melbourne Zoo Twilight shows.

 Worst stage nightmare?
Singing with a bad cold and my voice running out two songs into the set. I think I ended up playing the vocal lines on guitar and making it an instrumental show.

What gigs are coming up in the next few months?
The Melbourne Folk Club, October 24th, Bella Union

A guitar tip for the kids?
Buy and practice on a high quality instrument first. It is much harder and less motivating to learn playing on a piece of junk!


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