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Ginger And The Ghost press shot low res

Future-pop duo Ginger And The Ghost (Missy Gilbert and Daniel Bourne) have recently released a spectacularly unique and vibrant new single Kindred Spirits, an ambitious reflection of the moment kindred spirits connect.  A luscious clip to accompany the track has also been released (See below); filmed in the stunning Australian wilderness, the video features intricate, innovative costume design and a purposeful narrative.  And this work of art is as extraordinary as you’d expect from this impressive, independent, all encompassing outfit who both directed and creative directed the film clip, keeping their purist DIY ethos in check, hand-making the costumes & props and even collaging the single’s cover art.  

Ginger And The Ghost are currently in America on tour. Before they left, drummer Dan did a little Q&A for us
What was your first kit like?
It wasn’t actually mine. It belonged to an amazing friend of mine named Isaac. The kit itself was made up of random bits and pieces from an array of no name brands. My favourite piece was the snare. An old marching snare with the most incredible sound. Imagine a normal snare only four time deeper in length.

What’s your regular kit set up?

At home it’s a good old fashioned Pearl Export with oversized toms. I like a simple kit. Snare, hi-hat, ride and a floor tom. Sometimes I’ll use a crash and a rack tom.

Is it the same for recording?
No. I used a Roland SPD-SX for the new album and I use this exclusively for our live shows. I also play backing tracks from it. It’s a serious weapon!
What sticks do you favour?
I use practice sticks with rubber tips. It gives the sticks a bit more of a natural bounce off the SPD-SX.

Other drummers you admire?
Matt Johnson for his feel.
Luke Flowers for his insane syncopation.
Trilok Gurtu. That man is insane!

What’s your latest recording and when will you be back in the studio?
We are just about to drop our new album! New Rituals. Most likely it will be a series of singles so stay tuned.

Most memorable gig?
Sinsal near Vigo, Spain. It’s a two day festival with a secret lineup. Basically you have no idea who is playing until you arrive on the tiny island called San Simon. We played there two years ago and received what I consider the warmest and most sincere response to our music to date.

Worst stage nightmare?
Power failure!

Album that changed your life?
Amnesia. Radiohead.

What gigs are coming up in the next few months?
We’ll be wrapping up our tour in the US in September then back to Oz for a big show in Sydney. ( I can’t really talk about that yet so keep your eyes and ears peeled).

A drum tip for the kids?
Don’t be afraid to hit hard. Then when you feel comfortable, don’t be afraid to hit it softly.

Ginger and the Ghost Facebook page

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