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On Friday October 9th, Boy & Bear release their fabulous new album, Limit of Love. The album  was recorded at Peter Gabriel’s famous Real World Studio, with Ethan Johns as producer. We’ll soon bring you our full band interview but for now, we pulled bass player DAVE SYMES aside for a quick Q&A about his bass playing.

What was your first bass?
My first Double Bass was a student factory bass from the Czech republic and my first Electric was a Fender Squire, Silver Series jazz bass

What’s your main bass now?
I have a bunch of different basses, My main recording bass is a 1960’s L series Fender P bass, and I have an 80’s Japanese P that I like to take out on the road. I have a Hagstrom and a Burns which are both short scales and mighty fun to play in the studio too.

Through what amp and why?
Ampeg. It’s nice and simple to dial in a big, warm and punchy sound. I like the whole range from a B 15 to the big Fridge with an SVT VR on top!

Do you use effects at all? If so what?
Occasionally I do, depending on the gig. The Electro Harmonics Soul Food, the MXR bass deluxe Octavel, and an old Ibanez analog delay are my go to stomp boxes.

What’s your latest recording and when will you be back in the studio?
We have just recorded an album with Boy & Bear called “Limit of Love” which is due out October 9th. We were lucky to record in Peter Gabrielle’s Real World Studios which was super amazing.

What gigs have you been playing lately?
The last big gig we did was Splendour in the Grass, and it was a blast. Amazing vibe at that festival

Most memorable gig?
Last year we played a show at Red Rocks in Colorado. It is an amazing outdoor amphitheatre built into the rocks. It is a famous place and it is always amazing to play places that many great bands have played before you. Gives you goose bumps.

Worst stage nightmare?
Being handed a flute.

Album that changed your life?
James Brown’s In the Jungle Groove

What gigs are coming up in the next few months?
We head to Europe and the USA late October to launch the album. It’s always a real treat to get to play in new places around the world and then we’ll be touring our new album in Aus in Jan/Feb.

A bass tip for the kids?
Willie Weeks Y’all!

Album pre-order

Here’s the new clip for the first single off the new album ‘Walk The Wire’

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